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BenDufeck August 20, 2016
If ever there was a perfect rose. You have found it here my friend!!

White Rose





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This photo was taken at my home near Nottingham, UK. I`m a self taught photographer, and love trying new shots, If it doesnt work out, I try another way, a change in lighting, alter the depth of field, or like in this photo, I used a spray bottle to add water droplets.
I`d been sat in my living room bored, as I often am without the camera in my hand.I was eating my tea around 5pm when I spotted some flowers I had bought for my wife, it was a mixed bunch, so nothing expensive, But the single white rose dominated the display, I took several photos but it just looked like any other rose, I wanted something that stood out.
I wanted this image to stand out from others I had taken, being a new photographer I had lots of ideas, but lacked in the knowledge, I tried the shooting with the in camera flash, long exposures, back lighting from an external speed light, nothing jumped out at me, so I stole one of my wifes little misting bottles, emptied the contents and replaced it with water (sorry Di! lol) I sprayed the rose, and decided a speed light to one side would create a nice balance of light and shade. This was probably the first shot I was really happy with.
When shooting this one I was still using a bridge camera, The Fujifilm HS20EXR. with a cheap unbranded speedlight.
The inspiration for this shot came from a place where I always look, when I want something beautiful, calm, balanced, something others will love as much as I do, My Wife Diane. She`s my biggest inspiration, my biggest critic, and my biggest fan, my whole reason for waking up in the morning.
Very little post processing was used on this photo, Adobe RAW was used to balance lights, darks and shadows, with a very small amount of sharpening
In my camera bag
I`m now using a Canon 100D. Canon 18-55mm kit lens, I also pack my 75-300mm 1:4-5.6stm. I take a selection of ND filters, and a cpl filter.
Hmmm, advise.. I`m not really the best person to ask for advise, every shot is a new lesson for me, you've got to love what your shooting, don`t just shoot and move on, take time to understand what it is you want to achieve, take time to enjoy the subject, and most important to me is take the time to enjoy photographing the image.

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