Sunflower between Gympie Toowoomba





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medredsharon June 15, 2017
When I saw this flower driving past in my car, it was a must have photo

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken with my Sony camera on a brilliant sunny day. It was Driving around Toowoomba Queensland in a field of brilliant sunflowers.
The time of day was morning.....
Yes my eyes caught the wonderful composition of field of depth Sunflowers so beautiful, I screamed, "stop wait I have to take a picture" and I jumped out of the car still rolling to a stop..........crazy...... but the photo was the spectacular.
This photo was a phone camera with no lens, no tripod no flash
I was inspired by Nature calling on a sunny day with the field a glow with wonderful sun flowers in all gods beauty.
Sometimes you can just have everything working for you...........this was that moment
In my camera bag
I now carry a shoulder bag of props :( after reading this blog maybe simple is better!!!
DONT miss that moment......spring to action when the excitement hits.......wait for the car to stop! keep learning your camera and the techniques and don't be scared to be different.

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