The Man in Black

My boyfriend is such a lovely subject.

My boyfriend is such a lovely subject.
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Behind The Lens

This photo was super casual--my boyfriend and I were travelling back to my home state, Michigan, last October on a dreary day. We stopped for some beers along Lake Michigan (St. Joseph) and sat by the window, since of course I was naturally drawn to the natural light, and I just took a couple pictures of him looking out the window at the changing leaves. It was a very natural and organic setting, but it helps that I had such attractive subject matter <3
This had to have been sometime around mid afternoon, although it's tough to say since the thick overcast that day diffused all the sunlight. It was also very foggy, so as we were walking the pier out into Lake Michigan earlier, the ambiance was eerily desolate and silent. The other image I took of him out on the pier that day composed with this one is here:
The lighting was a lucky draw, but also acknowledging that sometimes ambient lighting is just as good if not better than what you can create in a studio. It was a very consistently overcast and foggy lakeside day, and that makes for great, moody photography!
This was just a Canon 6D with the 85mm lens and a good eye for ambient light.
The great ambient light and the fantastic bone structure of my boyfriend :)
Not much. I obviously rendered it black and white, upped the contrast in the shadows and highlights a bit and increased sharpness for detail in skin and hair, but nothing out of the ordinary for a portrait shot.
In my camera bag
I always carry a macro lens and a Manfrotto LED light for effects if and when I need them for fill light or light painting. I also normally have a flash and a small, camera mounted softbox and probably most interestingly, a water spray bottle. Being able to add dewey effects to macro photos or portraits on the fly is a huge plus. Oh, and a variety of different colored glow sticks!
Don't force poses. Photograph people as they are, not as you want to see them. You will always get a photo that is more convincing and soft. I didn't tell my boyfriend to "pose" for this photo, I saw his actions and quietly took off my lens cap before he even knew what I was doing. That's the key to lifestyle portrait photography.

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