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San Diego California

Location: San Diego, California. Contact me for photo workshops, photo editing, and photo tours of San Diego.
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Location: San Diego, California. Contact me for photo workshops, photo editing, and photo tours of San Diego.
In California, we are fortunate to have beautiful sunsets most of the year. The hardest decision for me is always where to shoot. There are so many choices, and each location has advantages and disadvantages. Some of the best spots to shoot, are also usually the most crowded! I usually try to set up far away from people whenever possible, but living in a big tourist city, it is often nearly impossible to do so. One advantage to shooting long exposures is that people usually “disappear” from the image as long as they don’t stand in one spot for too long. Surprisingly, I had to spot to myself and as the sun went down the tidepools reflected the colorful clouds in the sky.
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shannonprangephotos July 21, 2016
Beautiful shot! I know that spot very well not easy to capture a photo like that there are always so many people around the lighting and the flowers in bloom are just awesome
ENP81 July 21, 2016
what time did you shoot this photo????
feralwolf July 21, 2016
amazing shot