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Hiranya Varna Mahavihar The Hirayavar a Mahavihara (Nepali: the "Gold-colored Great Monastery") is a historical vihara (Buddhist monastery) situated i...
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Hiranya Varna Mahavihar The Hirayavar a Mahavihara (Nepali: the "Gold-colored Great Monastery") is a historical vihara (Buddhist monastery) situated in Patan, Nepal. It is known locally as the "Golden Temple" and it is famous for feeding rats. His three-storey golden pagoda (in the back) of Lokesvara was built in the 12th century by King Bhaskar Varman. Inside the upper storey of the pagoda is the golden image and a large prayer wheel.

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in Patan, Nepal. This Temple is known locally as the "Golden Temple" and it s famous for feeding rats. So I was visiting this Temple and leaving, I saw that man drawning old mystical symbols on the floor.
I remember it was near midday, late in the Spring. The sun was almost at his maximum peak.
At Spring-time, the light gets stronger & radiant compared to the dullness and moody changes of winter. In this capture, a rich light is flooding the courtyard of the temple, at the exact spot where my protagonist was. It‘s almost midday, so no shadows are interfering. Further back my eyes were drawn to the bright light shining on the golden pagoda (in the back).
This was shot on a old SONY Cybershot DSC-W80 with focal length 5.8 mm & aperture f/8. No other equipment was involved.”
I m a "Constant Traveler", and not a photographer, but the instant capture of a tiny moment could be including happiness, knowledge, ideas, hope, a story, feelings etc... all helpful to overcome the difficulties of life, when needed. I remember standing over this man, and as he was drawing the symbols on the floor, I suddenly felt like the roman soldier standing over Archimedes while he was drawing the geometrical circles in the sand in the midst of his world being attacked by the Romans. It was at that moment when Archemides angrily dismissed him with the famous words “Noli turbare circulos meos!" or "Do not disturb my circles!”. I decided then not to bother him any more by standing in his space, but as I was leaving I felt the urge to capture the specific moment; I turned, and capture that one and only shot.
I wanted this image to look mysterious, a dramatical scene from a world in the past that doesn' t exist anymore . So I felt that colors are only a distraction. Therefore I converted the scene into a Monochrome.
In my camera bag
I have loved photography since I was a little boy. Somehow time went by though, and I never did invest on the appropriate equipment. I remember starting on a journey and buying disposable Fuji cameras . My trip to Japan gave me the motive to buy my current Sony Cybershot. I am fully aware of my limitations due to this fact, and I do consider buying more advanced equipment; what matters most to me, however, in the complex times we live, is my need to share or express to those around me that inner reality, the one which defines the way I perceive the world outside. A state of mind where no words or noise can corrupt the message.
An important factor when taking a good photo, in my opinion always, is simply being out there to have fun, elevate your soul… not with the goal of capturing a scene (always with regards to free theme photography). Only when you feel theneed to make a specific moment your own, with everything it entails, should you actually take the picture.

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