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Behind The Lens

This was taken at San Diego Convention Center during San Diego ComIc-Con. it was just being in the right place at the right time. this was just before the costumes were to be displayed on stage. some how they thought I was apart of the assigned group of photographers, i was able to go down to the main stage. Thankfully I did know two other photographers, they actually put me in really good spot. always thankful.
This was mid day, July, Hot. you are not allow to have all gear you need with you to take a picture without the effect of have harsh 12:30 Sun light. everyone is sweating, you don't have a lot of time, I was lucky to get a spot in the shade.
When you are shooting outside of a event, you never know what your lighting is going to be like. with all the harsh light behind the Model, I knew i had to add a little bounce light from my flash to keep from having a silhouette.
this was shot with a Cannon 5D Mark 3,Cannon EF 24-70mm L series,Cannon Speedlite 600EX-RT
I am always looking to create a image that you can not see everyday. growing up with the "idealize" woman who is both "Sexy and Powerful" and not shouting in a "look at me!". wanting to move more in that type of photography, this Picture was one of my first step into that direction.
Yes, i did very little, but all the color in the back ground sky was wash out a bit so I started in Adobe Light Room and start to work on the bring the colors back. I didn't really do a lot, but a little did so much for it. my philosophy of post-processing, you going to have to do something, but the less you "half to do" the better.
In my camera bag
my Kit is very simple, Cannon 5D Mark 3,Cannon EF 24-70mm L series,EF 70-200 L series ,3 Cannon Speedlite 600EX-RT, umbrella shade, tri pod, light stand, Flash bender 2
take your time to get the moment. it can be really hard to get "the shot" at a event. remember you not the only person there and other people are also trying to "get the shot". the model can sometime only see lights flashing and can not tell where a direction is coming from. in this photo, the model was constantly was receiving direction from mutable sources. I had put up my hand up and the model notice that I was waiting for a turn, even though everyone was calling out Direction, She turn to me and did 3 poses. where she was looking at me. so always be respectful to who you are shooting and those around you.

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