Bloody Pirates!!





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Behind The Lens

I actually took this photo in my home made studio.
I'm not entirely sure when I took this photo, but I think I took it in the morning.
The lighting was really simple to achieve, just one strobe light to the side and you can achieve the affect of shadows and contrast.
I use a Cannon 600D, 18-55 lens. Without a tripod and without the flash.
To be honest, I just really like pirates and the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. It inspired me to create this photo and I really didn't think that this photo would be liked by so many other people, let alone photographers. I'm very thankful to everyone's support, makes me want to create more photographs.
Not really, I touched it up a little bit, but not much; I liked it the way it is.
In my camera bag
My cannon 600D with two lenses; 18-55" and 55-250". Cleaning wipes, sometimes my polaroid camera. I would like to expand on this, as I don't own much equipment at the moment.
I think that best advice is do what your heart tells you. This is how I captured this photo, so it works out well! It's the simple and little things in life that can get you in a creative mind set, so if you have a brilliant idea, stick to it and try to develop something great.

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