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MikeBoyle PRO+
MikeBoyle March 25, 2016
Congratulations. Nice...Very Nice
rosaposa PRO
rosaposa March 26, 2016
I love this photo! Congratulations!
Johnny_G_Photography March 31, 2016
Wonderful shot, even the horse is smiling. Well done :-)
GigiJim08 PRO+
GigiJim08 April 18, 2016
Very beautiful. Congratulations on your award!
DexHortonPhotography January 27, 2018
Great smiles!

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at a horse show in N.E. Pennsylvania. It was the first time my daughter ever won a Championship award. Before that show she had always ridden difficult horses that needed a lot of solid riding, concentration, and communication. Those horses rarely win championships. At this particular show Jen was offered this wonderful horse, Ben, by his owner to ride in the show. It was the first time Jen got a chance to ride a horse that absolutely loved to show, was totally reliable over the jumps, and clicked in a special way with Jen. It was poetry in motion to see them in the ring and the judge agreed.
The photo was taken in mid-afternoon in the summer.
Natural lighting is my favorite since is the most flattering to horse and riders.
This was taken a few years ago with my Olympus 510. It was my training camera for several years.
My daughter's first Championship at a horse show was such a momentous moment after years of work, training, and tears at many shows. She was always a good sport and focused on the horse's needs so this day was a great reward for her wonderful talent and good sportsmanship. Everyone was so happy, even the horse.
I did some cropping but the original photo lighting and sharpness was what you see in the final product.
In my camera bag
I try to always have at least of tripod (mini, Octopus, or my big tripod), my Olympus base (OM-D), a basic telephoto, and two base lenses. I love to just cruise around or take hikes to find subjects. I often get to take photos of subjects I didn't expect to find on my journey for that day. I find that is the most exciting thing about photography and hope to continue my education to hone my skill with my new equipment.
To capture a photo like this be ready for the moment. Taking sequential shots when you are photographing people and animals will catch these fun things an animal can do in a photo. Watch your background and lighting. Take a test shot and look at it to make sure the faces aren't being hit with shadows or too much light. Don't shoot from too far away but make sure all your subjects are captured. You can always crop later to fine-tune the composition. Biggest advise is enjoy shooting and don't stop.

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