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Etna PRO+
Etna September 11, 2016
Beautiful shot
jeanettekbbernholm December 08, 2016
Thank you, Etna :-)

Behind The Lens

I took this photo in my hometown Sorø, its a small village in the countryside in Denmark. As you can see, it was christmas-time, and the exact location is a boarding-school-entrance called "Klosterporten"...translated it will be " the monastrey gate".
The photo was taken in December, so it was already dark, even though it was about At that time, a cold winter-evening theres not many people in the streets.
The only light, is the light bulbs you see in the picture....and off course the street light and christmas-tree light on the other side of the gate.
My canon 60D, and my 50 mm plastic fantastic lens.
I went to city-centre to take fotos of the christmas tree, and christmas-lights in generel. It was dark and a bit foggy, so it was a perfect night for shots like that. I made an awesome photo of the other side of the Monastery-gate, and was just walking through the gate, to check out the other side. Sitting in the dark...taking photos...suddenly 2 people walked through the gate...back to the boarding-school i guess... and I stopped, because i wanted the gate with no people. We said "Hi!" and they asked me what Iwas doing in the dark. I showed them, and asked if they wanted to be my models for a minute. They said yes, and thats the way it was created.
I made a bit sharpening of the couple, and i made the light on the ground a bit longer and wider.. using photoshop and Lightroom.
In my camera bag
I always bring my canon 60D, my 50 mm, and my 55-250 mm. The 50mm because of the light-sensitivity and the 55-250 for anything else... its my favorite. I also have a Tamron 60mm f/2 macro, and a 18-55mm for wide-angle. I always have a reflector in my car and a umbrella.
Next time i would bring a tripod, because the shutter-time has to be slow in this kind of dark picture. Tell the models to keep the pose, without moving at all.

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