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Hide and seek with chicken

Hide and seek with chicken
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TeazleW PRO+
TeazleW June 30, 2016
''Absolute masterpiece''

Behind The Lens

This was taken at home, on our property in the Whitsundays, North Queensland, Australia
The photo was taken in the late afternoon, my favourite time!
Late afternoon light can be beautiful and I highly recommend it. With my daughter behind the farm machinery though, I used a silver reflector to act as a fill light to lessen the shadows in her face.
This photo was taken on my Nikon D3100, with the most basic of lenses the 18-55mm. The exposure was 1/80th f / 4.0 and the focal length was 22mm, Iso was 100. I also used a silver reflector for the shadows.
My little girl is always helping around the farm and with the chickens, so I wanted to capture that memory.
I always adjust in Lightroom. Just checking the blacks, shadows and highlights. making sure everything looks the best it can.
In my camera bag
I have my Nikon D3100, getting a little old now, and really an entry level crop frame camera, but I make it work for me, I have had some great results with it. The lenses I have are a 35mm prime lens, a 70 to 300mm zoom and the basic 18-55mm. I shoot in natural light almost always so carry a reflector, if I am doing portraits. Apart from that just some spare SD cards.
I was lucky to have the old farm machinery to use as a backdrop, and also a huge supply of chickens, but definitely anyone could get a similar result. Think about your composition, and your background. Lighting is always the most important factor, but having a lovely model also helps. Put some thought into your setting and also clothing or costumes beforehand. Good photos should look like they just happened naturally, but putting all the elements in place first gives you a massive advantage.

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