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Belgian, F16

Belgian F16 seen at the Royal International Air tattoo, Fairford UK

Belgian F16 seen at the Royal International Air tattoo, Fairford UK
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JohnFord PRO
JohnFord April 15, 2016
Wow, love this, very sharp, great composition and action with such a perfect background, You should be very happy with this one!! Well done.
Magnaphotography PRO+
Magnaphotography July 13, 2016
Thank you ;-) (and sorry I only just saw that you had made a comment)
Magnaphotography PRO+
Magnaphotography July 13, 2016
Thank you to everyone who voted for this picture in the Airshow Challenge. I am really shocked to have won.

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Behind The Lens

At the Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) RAF Fairford, UK on Sunday the 19th July 2015.
Looking at the exif data it was around 16:25hrs
We had a great big blue sky, hardly a cloud in sight and bright sunshine. Perfect for air show photography.
A Nikon D700, with a Sigma 150-500 zoom lens and UV filter.
This is one of a series of shots, showing the f-16, I was trying to capture it doing a full 360 loop. The camera was on continuous shoot mode and I did get the entire loop caught on film. If viewed fast enough together, they look like a slightly jittery movie.
Very little PP, a small tweak of sharpness, saturation and contrast. Otherwise it is pretty much as it came out of the camera.
In my camera bag
I carry far too much stuff, you know, just in case!! I have a 70-300 zoom and a 18-70mm wide angle lens with cleaning cloths. 2 small remote flash units. the camera manual, various cables to attach to tablet/laptops for on the go editing. I have a few compacts (one for under water) that live in the bag too.
A fast shutter speed is essential and the good light made that possible. Remember to track what you are trying to photograph, keeping your lens movement smooth whilst following your subject. With fast jets I find it is often easier not to use the full zoom. As the aircraft manoeuvre you run the risk of clipping a wing tip off if you are too close. I find it is better to leave a bit of space around the aircraft and crop it in post production. Lastly as with any aircraft in flight, the blue sky absolutely "makes" the shot.

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