Unconditional Love, Trust and Monochromatic transparency

This is a timer shot that actually captured the moment I realized I'd had my guard down long enough to trust. In this moment I'm seeing thro...
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This is a timer shot that actually captured the moment I realized I'd had my guard down long enough to trust. In this moment I'm seeing through the looking glass from within my heart... at that exact frame splice and millisecond of my life, an old time movie theater projector paused in adoration as all gazing eyes fell upon the final notch as it was being etched in the key to my undying soul... causing me to saturate in a lullaby of calming contentment in this newly unwavered feeling, that I had finally arrived. I'm now beginning to taste in vivid flickers of bitter-less flavor on the tip of my tongue, it was almost euphoric, the feeling of safety as I was being painted in our combining auras... us both becoming masterpieces of pheromonal compatibility, the final puzzle piece being the warming I gifted to her hand and to her careful yet compassionate heart. As one hand can be capable of washing the other, so too can her hand become warmed by mine, powering up her heart, weak from past disappointment, loss and abandon, just enough that it can shine the needed amount of reflective warmth and hope... into my soul. Solace...empowered upon me unconditionally and for at least this precise and perfect moment, created hope for our future. My mind, body and soul... as the world now understands by my explanation, was just saved by a deity of patience, and gate keeping princess depicted in this photo. I say onto whoever will read this and hold its meaning close, Let this be known, in this fraction of a second... I am whole, and if that old time projector had never paused in this moment, to be given the chance to explain that which would have otherwise become just another fleeting theory never touched upon for the 2 of us, letting it slip past and over all our naive minds, whilst our hearts frantically clamor to reach up in attempted embrace to only fall short. lack of even touching base on these realities would surely make all of us just a little less human.just a little bit regretful despite the fact that usually... ignorance becomes bliss. however since its now too late to have not shared in this, my most favorite moment in my god forsaken life...I've become enthralled and invested in these intense feelings of belonging, understanding and gratitude for being part of it for any amount of time at all... this love, in this second, has been made into almost a heroin like warmth from a love, which has for a very long time been my unicorn... finally wrap myself and let it envelope me like a warm blanket on a chilly winter morning.let contentment of knowing I am there, having finally arrived in one piece and I'm accepted by her. In that moment nobody would jump ship. we would both go down with this ship without a thought.
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