Candy Flower

A candy flower from my wedding we still have!

A candy flower from my wedding we still have!
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Pjerry PRO+
Pjerry January 23, 2018
Thanks for joining my flower challenge
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Behind The Lens

This photograph was taken in my very first apartment that I shared with with wife and son. This rose and the one behind it were sitting on shelves in the hallway.
This was taken indoors in the middle of the night at around 11pm! I had just received a new lens in the mail, an 85mm micro lens for my Nikon d5500 and I remember being so excited to try different things with it and see what results it could create. This night I also took pictures of a little spider, but this is by far my favorite photo taken with that lens.
When I took this I was pretty new to photography and didn't understand a whole lot about lighting, nor did I have any modifiers. This was taken using the ambient light from a practical ceiling lamp. I remember the picture coming out quite dim and having to restore some of the details in post while staying true to the original setting.
This was shot with a Nikon d5500 and an 85mm f/3.5G VR micro lens. Nothing else was used in this shot. I used the shelf itself to help steady the camera.
I was walking around the apartment looking for things to photograph when I saw these two candy roses from our wedding sitting under the light. The purplish one just popped with color and had this lovely texture plus the sentimental value made my decision of what to play with much easier. Without moving much of anything I began firing away and the other rose just happened to be positioned perfectly to fill the background with a smooth swirling bokeh.
Being fairly new I remember using Lightroom to remove some blemishes and unsightly cracks along the edges as well as fixed the exposure, although I didn't do very much at all, mostly because I liked how it looked to begin with but also because I didn't know what I was really doing anyway.
In my camera bag
Since this photo I have learned and evolved quite a bit. I no longer have the 85mm micro lens and find myself missing it every so often because I think of all the shots like this I could've taken. Instead in my bag I still have my trusty Nikon d5500 along with the 18-55mm kit lens f/3.5 - 5.6G, 35mm f/1.8G, 50mm f/1.5G, and 55-200mm f/4-5.6G. I also carry around a polarizer filter and a black pro mist filter. 2 spare batteries that are fully charged. Two Neewer Speedlights and a small soft box that can be placed over the head of the Speedlight. I recently acquired a Godox ad200 and an AK-R1 modifying kit with adapter for magnetic modifiers. I also carry around a weatherproofing bag that lets you still shoot with it covered in case of emergencies.
The best advice I can give to anybody, whether you are fairly new, more advanced, or even pro is to never stop looking around at all the small things and details that create our environment. There is beauty all around us and being a true artist is being able to showcase that beauty in your own light. So never stop shining and keep on shooting!

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