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Behind The Lens

The Photo Was Take at home, I'm doing a lot of self portrait project to find a way for express my own feelings.
I took the shoot I think at 12.00. I don't remember exactly.
I wanted to express the hurt of my soul, it wasn't so easy to do, but I tried.
I used my Canon 60d with a 50mm Lens.
I was living not a good moment in mylife. I was looking for myself and photography helped me to do that a lot.
No, I didn't a lot. I don't like pretty much post-processing a lot on my pictures, but It depens of what I want to do and express with the image. In this case I wanted to make one photo the most genuine it was possible.
In my camera bag
Normally I use my Canon 60d, with a 50mm Canon Lens.
I think we should learn to better listen to ourselves, and to try to show our feelings, our souls, translating them into images. It's not so easy to do, but you should ever try, and try, and try, and I'm sure you will find your way to it.

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