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Behind The Lens

Umhlanga Durban South Africa
Approx 19:00
It was truly unique to see such a deep blue cast at sunset
Canon 700D EF-S 10-18mm ND8 neutral density filter Tripod Shutter release cable
The lighting & cloud cover was really unique so I grabbed my gear & headed to the nearest location to use it the best I could
Lightroom adjustments to bring shadows & highlights more into balance. Photoshop to correct the horizon due to wide angle lens distortion aswell as minimal colour enhancements to bring back the sight I had with my naked eye
In my camera bag
Canon 700D (2 batteries) EF-S 10-18mm EF-S 18-55mm EF 50mm 1.8 EF 75-300mm Shutter release cable Nikon D3200 (2 batteries) 18-55mm 55-200mm Hoya graduated filters ND2 ND4 ND8 Hoya circular ND8 Polarizer UV 52,58-67mm step up rings White balance cap 2x32GB Sandisk SD 8GB Lexar SD Vanguard tripod Joby gorilla pod Lenspen Pro kit & yes all that goes with me EVERYWHERE hahaha
Reach the spot you plan to shoot at way before sunrise/sunset to figure out your composure & what you rig must consist of. Light changes every few seconds so I shoot as many exposures as I can to make sure I don't miss the peak of what the scene & weather has to offer at that hour. I always try to incorporate as many elements as I can into my composition so that every quadrant of the image has something that pleases the viewer. Don't be afraid to experiment & break rules as doing so can sometimes make for great photographers. Good luck & happy shooting :)

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