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StickManCameraMan December 27, 2016
Interesting photograph! It kind of reminds me of a Doctor Who episode (The Empty Child) which has a bunch of people who's faces were turned into gas-masks.
terrilarkin PRO
terrilarkin February 04, 2019
regnaphoto March 10, 2019
far out, really tickles something odd

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at an active farm in Stuart Florida. We worked out a deal with the owner, and he let us shoot there for the day. It was an all day shoot that myself and another photographer participated in with Riley Sheridan, a well known tattooed model in the Saint Petersburg FL area.
This particular shot was taken right before the golden hour. We put Riley in the wheat field, and the light was just hitting her perfectly to capture this picture. We tried various positions throughout the day, in other fields, but this one seemed to work perfectly.
We had her in various positions in the field, so the soon setting sun would hit her just right. We positioned her so the sun was our main light, and used our remotely firing strobes for fill. We also took some shots where the shadows were hitting her at more of an angle, for a more dramatic effect.
Sony A7 Full Frame Mirrorless with 70-200mm F4 and Nissin i40 remotely firing flashes.
We were going for a kind of apocalyptic look with the torn wedding dress, and gas mask. This was a concept that I was working on for quite awhile. We wanted something that came right out of a Mad Max movie !
Yes, I use Lightroom for the general color balancing and exposure settings. I then take the picture into Photoshop to fine tune it, and fix any problems with the picture. In addition to that, Photoshop is great because it gives you a lot more control over the little details.
In my camera bag
Sony A7 & Sony A7RII with various Sony G Master and Zeiss Lenses(24-70mm G Master, 85mm G Master, 55MM F1.8, 35mm F1.4, 70-200mm F4, and also Batis 25mm F2). I also used the Nissin Air i40 flashes up for a mobile setup, but I prefer to use my Interfit s1 Monolights triggered by Pixel Kings triggers for the Sony, in order to get HSS(High Speed Sync).
When you get to work with a model like Riley Sheridan, she is very accommodating and loves to get involved in projects that are "outside the box". I suggest that you try to take full advantage of that, and conceptualize something that is attention getting, and not just your everyday portrait. I also like to edit in B&W, for a more dramatic effect when shooting something like this.

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