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3 in 1 Coffee Splash





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24 Comments | Report
GordonD January 02, 2014
Great shot, well done !!!
LeeBennett January 02, 2014
Great timing!
julianus January 02, 2014
It's incredible.
flyingelkphotography January 06, 2014
What a great shot. Love how clean the look of it is. Really good work.
Marjoriesmithphotography PRO
Marjoriesmithphotography March 16, 2014
You create fantastic stock photos!
Timbo May 20, 2014
Very cool shot.....
sweetpea72 May 20, 2014
LOVE this! :)
LucyLoo PRO+
LucyLoo December 11, 2014
Superb :-D
jimhelmick July 16, 2015
Excellent idea and superb photo.
Emailwalla January 02, 2016
Brilliant shot, great timing.
sandytoes34287 January 02, 2016
How many layers did this take? Beautiful!!
Mexcellent February 19, 2016
You had me at coffee cup. Great shot.
njkerosky Ultimate
njkerosky May 17, 2016
Delightfully done!!!
adavies August 16, 2016
Incredible capture! Nicely done!
julie_cavell March 14, 2017
Great timing and image.
JDLifeshots April 18, 2017
Amazing capture! Congrats.
riadzbeida April 18, 2017
More than wow,,,,
davidparkhurst October 09, 2017
So very good
sandimarasco December 18, 2019
But you are ruining a perfectly good cup of coffee!!! Lol
Eduardbetz Platinum
Eduardbetz December 18, 2019
Yes, it was also a very messy affair ! Thanks for the comment Sandy!
Oxyte January 14, 2020
This is immense!
stigfagerli PRO+
stigfagerli May 21, 2021
DurhamRed September 19, 2022
Gi_Crivellaro October 18, 2022
Wow, amazing shot!
irostap PRO
irostap May 31
One more amazing shot!!! Bravo!
Eduardbetz Platinum
Eduardbetz May 31
Thank you for the attention 🙏
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in my hobby photo studio which I build on top of our garage. This was a result of me creating clutter around the house with photographic equipment such as light, stands, reflectors of various sizes etc. growing. So my family was happy when I moved everything to my new studio....and me too !
I think it was on a Sunday night. Usually I take long afternoon naps on Sundays and then love to experiment and create something in my photo studio.
I used two off camera flashes to capture the splashes and styrofoam boards as reflectors to fill in the shadows.
I used 2 canon speed light flashes, a manfrotto tripod, my old but trusty canon 5 D mark ll and a 50 mm 1.2 canon lens.
I was in the supermarket one day looking for “ 3 in 1 “ coffee powder which contains coffee powder, sugar and milk powder. The picture on the front of the packet was a sort of a drawing and I was wondering if this could be photographed in a bettter way.
For this shot I planned from the beginning to use photoshop. First I decided to take the picture of the empty cup, then the coffee splash, after that the milk splash and finally the falling sugar grains. All those I did in similar light conditions using the two off camera flashes and the reflectors. All this took hours to do with a lot of cleaning up ! I separate the shooting time and the time spend in the computer. To do it all in one flow would be too much ! Later I combined the coffee on top of the cup, then added the milk splash and last the falling sugar, all shot on different frames of course.
In my camera bag
It depends what project I have in mind, for landscape I would bring a tripod and a wide angle lens, for walk about just my Canon 24-105mm zoom lens. But I always bring lens cleaning equipment, spare batteries and plenty of storage cards.
Patience is the most important one on project like this. Sometimes I feel like a small kid messing around with stuff to get certain results. But it’s also a learning process, I am happy when I discovered and learned something new, like how to light a milk splash, for example. Most of all it’s about having a bit of fun, I don’t take it too serious.

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