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Portugal | Comporta | Possanco

Portugal | Comporta | Possanco
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horsegalraye PRO
horsegalraye February 24, 2016
Did you use a foreground light of some sort, or did this lighting just occur? Amazing shot!

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Behind The Lens

I took this photo in the rice paddies of Possanco near Comnporta on the banks of River Sado, Portugal.
The photo was taken at about 7 am.
The light was very good, which is normal at this time of day and with these weather conditions. The clouds, although faint allowed some enhancements in the rice fields that seemed interesting.
I used a Canon EOS 6D with an EF 24-105mm f / 4L IS USM and a tripod.
The landscape of rice fields is in itself a source of inspiration. These paddy fields are part of the natural reserve of the Sado estuary which makes them not only an ideal setting for this type of photos, but also to photograph several species of birds.
I post processing with Lightroom 5.5. Essentially I adjusted the white balance, slightly increased clarity and increased vibrancy of colors. Trying to balance with the contrast I reduced the highlights and brightened the shadows.
In my camera bag
The equipment usually have with me is the camera (Canon EOS 6D), two lenses (a 16-35mm f4 and a 24-105mm f4 - sometimes take also a 70-300mm f4-5.6), a variable ND filter, extra battery and card and tripod.
The best advice I can give to those who want to take this kind of photography is to be persistent and patient. As the intended result is very dependent on the weather, sometimes you need to go there several times. Therefore, it is best to visit the site at any time of day, to see the best possible framework, to study the precise location where the sun will rise and be aware of weather forecasts. The big advantage is that on each visit we have a different scenario, with different grounds of appeal and all with their beauty.

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