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Bernard3616 PRO+
Bernard3616 January 30, 2016
Great !
sundowngaited PRO+
sundowngaited February 22, 2016
Something about close ups. One of my favorites. Will enjoy following you
edandaniphone PRO+
edandaniphone March 01, 2016
Very cool.
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Behind The Lens


The photo was taken during a photography class at school which I obviously wasn't paying attention to.


It was around 2pm in the day, I've just had lunch at school and then classmates told me we are having photography lesson now, This girl in the photo (Laura) was asking me how exposition works in digital camera, after me explaining that to her she started trying things on her camera and that was the moment I captured this moment.


To be honest, the lighting in this photo isn't that special. We were sitting in a room which was on basement floor and we only had 4 small windows that light get through inside and some tungsten lamp light above our heads in the room.


It was captured handheld with Canon 550D with f5.6 18-135mm.


haha, I think my boredom in class inspired me to take this photo. I already knew the stuff teacher was explaining to the class and wan't really paying attention, all my thoughts were on the outside world which was seen through 4 small windows in the room and I just wanted to get out and shoot.


I did a bit of post processing which was about color correction in the whole shot and also fixed the skin tone.

In my camera bag

The most crucial thing I always carry in my bag is a GoPro camera, I carry it with me because I don't own any wide angle lens, and the reason is that 550D I use is crop sensor so there won't really be that wide angle I want to achieve. So as I said before Canon 550D body with 2 lenses, Canon 18-135mm f5.6 and 50mm f1.2 prime lens has to be there at all times


This was not a posed moment but completely natural act, and I had to be quick about it. I set the right exposure, aperture value, focused real quick and snap! I've been photographing people on the street without them knowing for years now and every time there's a time limit to set up the camera and take the shot, and over the years I've had some experience using my camera fast. In the end it just takes practice :)

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