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Auryg January 27, 2016
Nice lighting.
peterhenning February 05, 2016
nicely done
giovinskj February 06, 2016
very amazing
catherinethompson August 02, 2016
Beautiful Capture. Magnificent. I love photographing lilies and this one is a stunner.
embas May 27, 2017
BradPetersPhotography August 09, 2018
beautiful use of light


Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily)
Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily)
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Behind The Lens

I took this photo in an atrium at my husband's workplace.
I took this shot on a rainy day during a lunch break.
Though the light was dim in the atrium at the time, I took advantage of a small light in the large container to help create the Bokeh. I added more contrast for a more dramatic affect in Lightroom.
I used my Nikon D3200 camera and Tamron 90mm lens. I used the arm of a chair to keep the camera stable as I didn't feel like getting my tripod out of my car.
I find inspiration in many things. I take my camera everywhere.
I use Lightroom. My favorite tools are the gradual and radial filters.
In my camera bag
Besides my camera I always have my 50 mm portrait lens, my 90mm macro lens and my most versatile lens a Tamron 16-300mm macro/zoom. Not the most crisp lens, but I use it all the time for landscape shots that require quick adjusting for animal and bird captures. I always carry a micro fiber towel to keep my lens clean and camera dry.
I advise, when using a macro lens, to always use something to keep your camera steady. In most cases a tripod is best, but if you're feeling lazy, an arm of a chair, a table, the floor, works too. Shoot with the light behind your subject for Bokeh. If you want a black background, a black velvet cloth behind your subject will work just as well as Lightroom. Shoot in A priority with the view finder open to allow more depth of field and light on your subject and move your camera not the lens to find focus, then when you find your subject you can adjust the lens accordingly. Normally I use a high ISO, which on my camera is 800 or 1600, but that all depends on the kind of light you have to start with. Thanks for asking.

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