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3 girls walking home.

3 girls walking home.
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mickeymya July 21, 2016
lovely posture.
rachelurlich PRO+
rachelurlich July 24, 2016
thank you = )
rachelurlich PRO+
rachelurlich May 19, 2018
thank you for your comments and likes they really are appreciated = )
gman176 March 18, 2019
Love this!

Behind The Lens

I took this photo looking up to the sand dunes as the sun was departing. So I was on the shore and my subjects on the top of the dunes, small dunes that are about twice my height at this point of the shore. The location is in the North Island of New Zealand, Aotearoa...land of the long white cloud.
I took this right before dinner time, I should have been cooking but walking on the beach photographing my wonderful subjects is much more fun. Chronological time is quite a pain as it dictates where and what we should be doing. There are settings on the camera for date and time but I overlook these things that others may feel is important. On this evening my guesstimate was appromaxately 30 minutes until it would be pitch black darkness, and 30 minutes to get back home. Not many street lights in this area my guesstimates have been way off at times and we all stumble and trip in the darkness and squeal at the boogie creature that is not even there.
Sunset and sunrise is defiantly where all the magic happens; our world is waking or settling for rest. Silhouettes are made blocking out the clutter and detail giving us crisp outlines. In this shot the light is catching her hair, escaping the silhouette and adding just a little bit of fire. I think nature does wonderful lighting.
I shot this with Nikon D7100 lens Nikon DX AF-S Nikkor 18-105mm 1:3.5-5.6G ED
Loving life,loving my subjects, loving nature my surroundings/environment is my main inspiration for photography. To convey the feeling of being outdoors and being able to share some of that essence with others. A walk along the shore with the sea breeze does wonders for the soul and spirit.
I added a green tint to this shot and I like how it turned out. It was shot in jpeg file, recently I have been trying to shoot RAW files and converting them into jpeg file. There is so much to learn...I am not strict about processing I usually do a little tinker here and there for most shots some shots are ok just as they are. Having done chemical processing and using film a long time ago digital processing is like a dream come true, its like doing handstands and cartwheels, what was unachievable 25 years ago is achievable now...I can make lots of mistakes and I get lots of chances. Although film and chemical processing does have its own magic.
In my camera bag
Nikon D7100 Nikon DX AF-S nikkor 18-105mm1.3.5-5.6G ED Nikon DX AF-S Micro nikkor 40mm 1:2.8G A fully charged extra battery Spare memory cards Cleaning fluid,paper and airbrush....it is amazing the particles that can hold onto your lens. My camera wears a beanie on its body when I have it around my neck, the first week that I had my camera it got a scratch on the LCD screen. I was horrified! lesson learnt protect your screen. (suspected scratcher!!jacket button) Fully charged phone camera just incase everything else fails.
This type of shot requires dusk approaching and my position was looking into the west from below my subjects. Shoot even if you don't think it will turn out....a little tinkering in process can deliver the image you desire. Breathe and embrace the moment you are shooting in...enjoying the moment should also be what it is all about the more relaxed I feel the better the shot. Moments change more rapidly than we can imagine at times, if you have space on your card take extra shots there will be changes in light, cloud ,wind to name a few factors, a subtle little thing can make a shot more appealing. Sand, sand that is just right holds your balance and steadies your shot, walk and shoot on the sand that feels the best under your feet. This shot is taken on a narrow coast the climate is changeable clouds roll in and roll out as does the showers and rain. You may want to check out the weather for the area you choose to shoot in. Most of all enjoy your time shooting be it on DSLR or phone, you are capturing moments in your life in your environment, if you don't take the shot its an opportunity missed. If you miss the shot try again...each shot builds on your experience and learning and finding out what works for you. Happy shooting = )

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