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red tail hawk

Red Tail Hawk at Rancho Santa Ana Gardens, February 2015

Red Tail Hawk at Rancho Santa Ana Gardens, February 2015
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adavies March 15, 2016
Awesome capture! Nicely done! Welcome to ViewBug! Looking forward to seeing more:)
brianbaitystudio November 23, 2018
love how you handled the background here, allowing us to focus on the bird
terrymccollum Ultimate
terrymccollum January 24, 2021
Awesome photo!
richardbauman Platinum
richardbauman January 24, 2021
Terry McCollum, thank you.
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Behind The Lens

This was taken at the Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Gardens in Claremont, Calif. This red tail hawk was tethered, and resting on its keeper's arm.
Raptors are some of my favorite birds. This was shot around 1 p.m., in open shade in February 2015. Because the bird was tethered and use to people it was possible to get reasonably close.
I was shooting for detail. The soft, open shade made it possible to get the detail I wanted without harsh shadows, or loss of detail
It was shot, handheld, with my Nikon D5200, using a Nikon 55-200mm kit lens.
The opportunity to get reasonably close up image of this beautiful bird. As I said earlier, I especially like raptors so as the opportunity presented itself I took it.
The picture was taken as a jpeg, not RAW, and only needed a smidgen of post processing: raised the brightness and contrast a bit. That's it.
In my camera bag
My Nikon D5200 usually has my Tamron 18-400mm lens attached and ready to go. I carry only a couple of other lenses: a 35mm Nikon lens and a 35-80mm Nikon lens. Its an older lens so I have to use it in manual mode but it has great resolution. There's an external flash unit, numerous extra batteries and SD cards. Not to be forgotten are lens cleaning tissues and clothes, spare batteries for the flash unit, a remote shutter release device and a small flashlight.
Just take the picture. The lighting wasn't perfect, but it was good enough. Take many pictures of the same subject from different angles. This wasn't a complicated shot, and I got several excellent images that day. Too often we get bogged down in the minutia and miss the picture.

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