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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken on the W&OD bike trail in Northern Virginia. It was a cold, wet, and overcast Winter day.
The picture was taken at 2.15pm. I had stopped at my turn around point and decided to have a couple energy gels. The power lines and low-hanging dark gray clouds grabbed my attention and I decided to take a couple pictures of them. To me these really made the picture.
The lighting is all natural.
The picture was taken with an iPhone6.
I'm primarily a mountain biker. Sometimes the dirt trails are too wet to ride, as they were on this day, and I rode my road bike instead. I wanted a picture showing where I ride it and what I see along the way. The paved trail, power lines, and clouds provided an appropriate setting.
The picture was taken in color. I then used an iPhone app to convert it black and white. B&W seemed to better capture the mood of the day.
In my camera bag
To take pictures I carry an iPhone6, a GoPro Hero4, and a Canon G9X. These three provide plenty of versatility and options when I stop to take pictures.
My advice for shooting pictures is to first envision in your mind what it is you want to capture. Then, put yourself in an environment, which includes location, setting, and time of day, that matches your vision. Once there, take some shots. Use different angles on your subject, too. You'll be surprised at how one angle that you didn't expect to turn out well actually looks better than the one you imagined.

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