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superpowerchick January 08, 2017
Why are the butterflies tagged?
Byronfairphotography PRO+
Byronfairphotography May 29, 2018
Absolutely gorgeous / Voted

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Behind The Lens

Yes. I was in St. Marks, Florida during the time the Monarchs are migrating and also many get tagged before leaving to Mexico.
It was probably later in the afternoon and a cloudy cool day.
The lighting was even due to the cloud cover.
I used a Canon t2i with a 70-200mm L lense. No tripod, because the butterflies moved before you could set-up.
We went to this location because it isn't far from where we live and an article told us the butterflies would be there for a short time.
Yes, I shot this image in a large jpeg format and used Corel Paint Shop to crop and highlight the images.
In my camera bag
Two Canon dslr cameras, a t2i and a 70D with a couple Canon L zoom lenses and normal 50mm fixed.
I like to shoot with a manual focus, am always aware of amount of lighting to adjust aperture and ISO, be aware of what is in the background and I always have to check my focus to be sure it's sync with my eye. When shooting live subjects, I focus on the eyes.

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