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Helen_Mountaniol PRO
Helen_Mountaniol January 05, 2016
Nice! Thanks for joining my challenge!

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at Salreu, Portugal, on a dark spot, to avoid to much light pollution.
I have chosen to took this photo a couple of minutes after midnight, because of the darkness in the spot, and for the position of the moon.
For this kind of photography, I really needed a dark sky to avoid light pollution, and the light reflected by the moon was a great bonus, that filled the shadows with its light.
For this photography, I have used my Canon 50D, and my trusty Tokina 11-16, that with its 2.8 aperture, is a must for get the maximum light. Then to avoid shakes i have used a tripod, and an intervalometer, to program the shots too.
The light of the moon, contrasting with the red light and vertical lines of the antenna, pushed me to take this photo.
To make this photo possible I have taken more than a hundred shots with 30 seconds each, to minimize de noise, so one of the first steps, was to merge all the photos into one, with the complete startrails. Then I have adjusted the WB, the colors, the contrast, and a bit of local fixing. In the end was just a noise redution and a bit of increase in the sharpness.
In my camera bag
Generally I have my 50D and my set of lenses in my bag. Tokina 11-16, Sigma 17-50, Canon 100mm, Canon 70-300, and helios 44m, are my set of lenses. Then I have always two spare bateries, cf cards, two speedlights, that I used for macro, a CPL and a ND filter, and an intervalometer.
Search for a dark place, a nice foreground, pay atention to the movement of the moonlight, and be prepared to be patient!! Usually startrails photos need to have a trail of at least a half of an hour!

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