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Pet Robin

This little robin seemed to adopt me last summer.

This little robin seemed to adopt me last summer.
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Natgirl73 January 03, 2016
nice photo of the robin
Mother_Nature February 13, 2016
Excellent Capture
AmyLouise42 January 25, 2017
Excellent photography skills!
catherinethompson PRO
catherinethompson June 05, 2017
Fabulous detail. Congratulations.
tmlakshmi PRO+
tmlakshmi May 25, 2018
great story. and great shot
MiyoJergen PRO+
MiyoJergen May 21, 2020
Outstanding , a beautiful portrait retaining natural energy of wildlife
dinahumphreys PRO+
dinahumphreys Mar 25
Wow!!!! I love this photo! The contrasting color of this clear brown bird against the bright colors! I love how fluffy the feathers look! Hi, Have a nice week-Dina

Behind The Lens

This little bird first appeared in my garden shortly after it was able to fly and attached its self to me and begun to follow me everywhere.If I was digging it would sit on some plastic bags and watch me intently and if I moved it followed.
It was a dull Irish summer evening around six.
On a dull day in Fermanagh the light is soft and almost shadowless and gives a luminosity to a picture that is unique and the plastic of the bags reflected some of this soft light back up to the subject giving the 3D effect of separation from the background.
A Fuji Bridge camera with an ISO of 200 handheld, no flash, no reflectors just a steady hand and lots of luck.
I love recording all the things I see and since this little bird trusted me I felt I should record this and use it to show how nature will interact with us if we are patent and allow it to do so.
I always use Photoshop Elements and try to alter the image as little as possible with just a little sharpening and a crop to fit the shape of the image. I do all my editing when composing the shot where possible as a bad photo is always bad no matter how much alteration and a good one can always be slightly improved with little or no corrections.
In my camera bag
I have found over the years the less equipment we can have to decide on gives better results if you have only one Camera Body as you are not changing lenses every few minutes. But my basic outfit consists off a Panasonic LumixG7 with 12mm to 32mm lens,100mm to 300mm, a 30mm 2.8 macro lens and the standard 14mm to 48 standard Panasonic lens (old version ) as it is much superior to the new version which only goes to 42mm. An old flash completes the outfit with several batteries and several HD cards.I do tend to use the 14mm lens much more than any of the others as it is a dream to use as are all Panasonic lenses due to their superb optics, light weight and compact build.
Firstly always carry a camera set for taking that shot that may be gone in seconds remove all cases,lens caps and start shooting as soon as you see the subject get your shot then try and improve the angle and the composition but always get your shot first. If the day is changeable i.e. bright sun to overcast use a fast ISO say 200 or even 400 which will give you an edge with a faster shutter speed and a smaller aperture giving a greater depth of field and the ability to stop movement and reduce blurring.Slow speeds often result in a lost shot particularly in sport and fast moving subjects so don't try to be too artistic with focus unless that is the effect you want. Make your movements slow and controlled no jumping around to get a better angle and practice with your camera until you can use it with out thinking. Above all enjoy your photography and take lots and lots of pictures.

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