Peneireiro-cinzento | Black winged kite | Elanus caeruleus

Lezíria Grande de Vila Franca de Xira

Lezíria Grande de Vila Franca de Xira
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JDLifeshots December 31, 2015
Great capture!
alvaronunes June 23, 2018
Thank you for your kind words, people. As we say in Portugal, better late than never.

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Behind The Lens

I live twenty kilometers north of Lisbon, in Vila Franca de Xira, and I have the happiness of just needing to cross the Tagus River to access Lezíria, a vast array of alluvial lands dominated by rice cultivation and cattle raising. These lands are also sought by many species of birds, which reside there or rest in their migratory cycles between northern Europe and Africa. In these camps, often the best way to get close to the birds that we want to photograph is to use the car as shelter. That's what happened when I photographed this Black winged kite. I and a friend of mine found this bird when it was eating a mouse that it had caught. Contrary to what happened on many other similar occasions, this kite let us approach so that we can take photographs very closely. This photo was taken when, after eating the mouse, the kite cleaned the beak on the pole. Hence the curious position in which it was captured.
This photograph was taken on December 26, 2015, around 2:00 p.m.
I usually try to shoot early morning or late afternoon. Therefore, I rarely photograph at this time of day, because it is very easy for me to be in the field to photograph birds as I explained above. But since I was with a friend who does not have the same ease because he lives farther away, this time I photographed all day. Hard light given the time of day, but that nevertheless made it possible to take pictures of what I like, perhaps because of the perfect bocket that the homogeneity of the rice plant allowed.
Nikon D800E and Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 500mm F-4G ED VR, using the car window as support for the equipment. Sometimes I use flash (Nikon SB-910), but this was not the case here.
My love for wild animals and birds in particular.
I usually treat my photos in Lightroom. That's what happened to this, but nothing too complicated or profound. Some minor adjustments in exposure, highlights, shadows, whites, blacks, clarity, vibrance and saturation.
In my camera bag
If the intention is to photograph birds, the gear I described above. For other types of photography I usually use Nikon D800E with the Tamron SP 24-70 Di VC USD lens or the Nikon AF-S Nikkor 50mm f-1.8G lens.
Nothing special. Contrary to what I have seen many times written, bird photography does not seem particularly difficult (the proof is that I do it with some quality, otherwise you did not ask me to write this) and, therefore, persistence is the main factor. If we insist, we will end up making one or two interesting photographs. Unfortunately for me, recently I have had virtually no time to photograph.

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