Foggy River

Foggy winter morning on the Charles River in Massachusetts.

Foggy winter morning on the Charles River in Massachusetts.
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Behind The Lens

This was taken in Millis, MA. It's the Charles River that flows through Boston which is featured in a lot of iconic Boston/Cambridge cityscapes. The same water that powers the "Head of the Charles" and it's world-class rowers looks totally different. This shot takes us to another view of that "dirty water." As it meanders through the suburbs, the feel of the river takes on a whole new perspective.
This was shot between 6 and 7 am in the late Fall. Most would consider this past-peak season in New England where the leaves are all gone but the early morning hours hold an almost magical quality.
The time of the year and day play a big role in setting the scene. Because the nights in the Fall are cold, but the days and the ground are still warm, you see many mornings with layers of fog/haze as the sun rises. The strength of the warm sun trying to burn off the cold morning lends itself to this magical look.
I used a Canon 7D m2 with the sigma 18-35, f1.8. The clarity and sharpness of the sigma lens is incredible. It was shot at 1/25, f10, iso100. I used my trusty mefoto road trip tripod. It has a small, compact size but it's incredibly sturdy making landscape shots much easier to take.
The place where I took this shot from is actually a low bridge passing over the river. I drive on this road everyday seeing the scene from different times of the day. In the Fall and Winter, the sun hangs low in the sky creating a beautiful glow on the water. Driving by it every morning, I knew I had to capture it because I can guarantee that everyone who drives by it totally misses the beauty that is right there. People are in such a rush to get where they are going, they never even look to the right to see the wonder that is right there.
Since this was done last Fall, I can't remember the specifics of the process, but I always start with my raw files that I review in Adobe Bridge. Then I take the files into Photoshop for processing. I always adjust the sliders and then do specific clean up that usually involves the healing brush, dodge and burn, and the sharpen and blur tools on all of my landscapes.
In my camera bag
Canon 7D m2 - hoping to get a full frame to add to my collection this year ;) meFoto Roadtrip tripod - compact, sturdy, comes with ballhead, and one legs removes to create a monopod. What more do you need?!? Sigma 18-35mm, f1.8 - beautiful landscape lens Sigma 70-200mm, f2.8 - used mostly for sports (gymnastics) and auto racing Canon 85mm, f1.8 - my go to portrait lens Canon 24-70mm, f2.8 - all around perfect walking around, multipurpose lens Canon 430EX Speedlight Gary Fong Lithosphere - the absolute best compact diffuser for speed lights I've ever tried Lots and lots of cleaning cloths Air blower for the body Extra body batteries Extra flash batteries Butterfly clips - because you never know when you need to clip something Baby wipes - because if you're taking portraits, something/someone is always dirty
Go out and photograph everything at different times of the day, the year, and with different weather. The same thing you see all the time will have a totally different feel depending on when you photograph it. Walk outside your door and look with a new set of eyes. There are so many intriguing and beautiful things around you that you are just not seeing because you see it every day. Take a photo "walk" around where you live...even in the suburbs. You will be amazed at what you find when you slow down and look through your lens.

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