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Lying on the windowsill

A promising dutch model is posing

A promising dutch model is posing
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DirkC May 23, 2016
Great shot Niels !
You made it to favorite in the 'Subtle Erotica... Under The Sun' challenge easy.

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Behind The Lens

The photo was taken in a hotel room in the Netherlands
It was about mid-day, but not in the summer, so the sun was not too bright. It was just the right amount of sunlight to get this effect.
As I said, I used the sunlight. The sunlight was shining through the window, giving you the effect of a white canvas. I used no other artificial light, only sunlight!
I used my camera, a Sony NEX-6, with a 35mm lens. That's the only thing I used for this photo. During the shoot, I also used other lenses.
First was the model on the windowsill. I saw the light shining through the window. I asked her to lie on the windowsill. There would be a kind of high-key effect. And that happened, luckily! By the natural light the body of the model is shown on a beautiful soft manner. It gives a very different effect than with artificial light.
The only thing I did was just a piece of window frame, that was visible at the edge of the photo. Besides that, the light has done its job
In my camera bag
Offcourse my camera, and some lenses. When the photo was taken, I used a Sony NEX-6. Now I switched to the Sony A7II. Almost always I have my Sigma art 35mm 1.4, with sony la ea4 adapter, to keep the autofocus. Other lenses depend on the kind of photos I want to take. I also love my Konica hexanon 135mm 2.8. Some spare batteries, lens towel, charger and that kind of stuff, are also in my bag. A while ago I bought a 85mm 1.4. I am very happy with this lens, coupled with my full-frame camera
I've already told you before, in comments on other photos. Try to use the light as much as possible, to your advantage. How do you want the light? Answer this question for yourself, and determine how you can get this done. Perhaps by using a different lens, or by moving farther or closer, or by using an other aperture. Experiment with difficult lighting situations so you deal with it as good as possible. Good luck!

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