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mihrt January 02, 2016
I love this shot! well thought out and so pleasing to view! I really like your 'lifestyle' thoughts!
lindapersson January 03, 2016
Thanks. I'm a classic car nut and (today) it's such an easy going lifestyle. You work during day, go cruising at night with friends and listen to rock'n'roll. It's sweet.
courtneymitchell-rush January 17, 2016
This is a perfect "relax" photo. Gets me to thinking about enjoying every moment of every outing, no matter the reason or destination of the trip.
lindapersson January 17, 2016
Thank you, I'm happy you feel that way about it. It relaxes me too.
damyontverbo February 02, 2016
I like the fact that the tail lights are lit. Are the shoes in focus?
lindapersson February 03, 2016
Yes, the car is rolling and the shoes should be in focus. However this one is photographed with a pocket camera so the quality isn't DSLR. Thanks for writing.
rickbails September 22, 2016
1960 Chevy, my very first car. What precious memories! Great photo! I remember those tail fins.
lindapersson September 22, 2016
Thanks! And thanks for sharing your story on the car. I love hearing it.
kenderby June 04, 2017
This photo rocks!
lindapersson June 05, 2017
Thanks, I appreciate it!
dlb5897 September 02, 2017
Nice tail lights
lindapersson September 03, 2017
Yup! :-)
bobtoye November 16, 2018
Well done . . . sweet collection of vehicles you got here!
lindapersson November 17, 2018
Thank you, it's my specialty.
Paul39 December 12, 2018
Great capture. Reminds me of the good old days. You might like to check out my Challenge Cruising Cars on view bug. If you would like to join go to my profile and enter Challenge then created to join in.
lindapersson December 13, 2018
Thanks, I'll check it out! :-)

It's a lifestyle

This photo is very relaxing to me. It's a way of life, classic cars, converse - the 50's has come back....
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This photo is very relaxing to me. It's a way of life, classic cars, converse - the 50's has come back.
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