US air force

Close up of propellers-motor on "Lumpy" a Us air force airplane

Close up of propellers-motor on "Lumpy" a Us air force airplane
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mihrt PRO+
mihrt January 02, 2016
This is a SUPERB composition!! Hits all my buttons!! Your skill as a Photographer is showcased in this capture. Your processing and choice of selective colour worked very much in your favor!
lindapersson January 03, 2016
Thank you very much!!!
joycealicesmith February 19, 2016
Very nice! Congratulations on winning People's Choice! Well deserved!
lindapersson February 19, 2016
Thank you, I appreciate it very much!
Purplesage57 March 17, 2016
Creative shot, nice contrast with the plane and the monochromatic background.
lindapersson March 18, 2016
Thank you kindly!
IrvineHolliday April 06, 2016
This is amazing love it. ...
lindapersson April 06, 2016
Thank you, I'm glad you like it. :-)
rkrings2 April 10, 2016
Well done Linda!
lindapersson April 11, 2016
Thank you!
ovosphotography May 11, 2016
like it!
lindapersson May 11, 2016
Thanks :-)
Tpm067 May 25, 2016
Amazing shot!
lindapersson May 25, 2016
Thank you so much!
Kitsea PRO
Kitsea June 03, 2016
I really like your painstaking post production technique that you used with this plane and many of your cars. Hard work, and with your great eye you have some marvelous shots. Thanks for sharing them!
lindapersson June 03, 2016
Thank you, that's kind of you to say.

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at a Wheels and wings show in Washington State in September 2015. A friend and I happened to drive by the area when we saw a bunch of classic cars turning in to this airport. (Near Belfair, WA.) As we both enjoy classics we stopped and spent a few good hours there in the fall sun with many pieces of eye candy.
Probably around noon as my friend and I walked around the area for a few hours, looking around and photographing the cars and planes as we went.
I wouldn't recommend photographing vehicles in the middle of the day (a lesson learned the hard way) as the daylight can give you an unecessary amount of post processing to do afterwards. However, these clouds you see in the background make a big difference. With the sun breaking through from the right angle, this could become your dream setting. It's all about timing.
I had my Nikon D7100 and nikkor 24-70 lens along so that's what I used.
It was the perfect height. :-) I'm a very spontanious photographer. It's all about the moment for me. I stood in front of this old war machine (US Air Force) and saw it all line up by itself in my head. *Click* and it turned out just the way I wanted it.
Yes, oh yes, How about an hour's worth at least. It's a technique I developed little over a year ago with my car photos. They became quite popular and got me some attention so I decided to give it a go with my propeller shot. I liked the result so here it is. What I do is I remove the background colors and enhance the details in Photoshop. I go through every pixel for perfection.
In my camera bag
As I photograph for classic car magazines I have my personal standard kit of a Nikon D7100, the 10-24 lens for interior photos, 24-70 2.8 for general shots and 70-200 f4 for distance - not used too often for car photography but still good to have along. I also have a 50 mm + a reverse ring in case I want to take macros. It's just for play as I'm not serious with macro photography. But the 50 m.m. f1.8 takes some of the most beautiful photos. It's razor sharp. It's small, cheap and doesn't weigh anything so it's worth bringing along.
Look for the light. All in all, that's what is going to make or break your photo in the end. In this case you have to be in the right place at the right time as you probably won't be able to ask Mr. Pilot to move the plane for you. But if you can, good for you and enjoy your shoot. (Photographing cars are easier that way. You can ask the owner to move it even an inch, if that's what it takes to take that perfect shot.)

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