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sinapics January 06, 2016
Jessbri January 19, 2016
Just Beautiful! Congratulations:@)
Behind-the-Fire-Scene January 19, 2016
Beautiful shot - congratulations on your Dramatic Portraits Win....Very well deserved :)
illuminateAC January 19, 2016
This is incredible! Congrats!
Bluestarpaul January 21, 2016
WOW amazing and beautifully processed, congratulations
ATDowning January 22, 2016
Breathtaking work!
Azmedaj January 23, 2016
Stunning! amazing concept and execution
Eetane February 08, 2016
Love the lighting and the ink hair, beautifully done :)
deMairePhotography February 10, 2016
what a composition... great!!!
paleblue February 12, 2016
This is absolutely brilliant. Wonderful concept, flawlessly executed.
EricaAlmquist February 15, 2016
Well done! Congratulations on the win! :)
Alma-Hasanovic February 16, 2016
Amazing, I love this photo I cant stop staring at her. One of the best I*ve seen on viewbug!
Witold February 24, 2016
Rapid_Shotz_Photography August 09, 2016
Very creative! Great work
maudrietjens November 01, 2016
what an amazing picture! how did you get it like that?
LAVA November 12, 2016
Wow!!! Amazing!
Owlphoto February 09, 2017
Super creativity
derek_period February 27, 2017
Very awesome!
_atombomb May 31, 2017
jonben63 July 26, 2017
masterpiece of art....terrific

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Behind The Lens

I took this photo in my studio. Having control of the lighting was really important in achieving a technical shot like this and a studio set up was essential.
The time of day wasn't important because the shot was done in a dark indoors studio set up.
The lighting was very important in creating this image. I used one light on a grey background to create a soft gradient behind the model. And I used one light on the model's face, falling from high up and from a very shallow angle to leave lots of her face and body in shadow and heighten the sense of drama in the image. Also important was the posing. I got the model to stretch out her head high up, and drop her near shoulder. And I shot from a low angle. All of these things naturally elongated her neck in the final image and gave a greater sense of elegance.
I shot the image on a Canon 5D Mark III with a 24-70mm lens and 2 studio heads for lighting.
The model was my main inspiration. I saw how big her hair was, how she regularly had it done up in a huge geisha style bun, and I thought I could do something creative with that. I was also inspired by the way that ink falls in water and makes beautiful shapes. It just required a little bit of creative thought to pair the two things together.
Yes there was post processing in this image. I shot the ink falling in water separately, using a fish tank and black ink. I then combined the ink with the image of the model in photoshop. The blend mode tools were important for getting a seamless result.
In my camera bag
I use a Canon 5D Mark iii and a Canon 5DS R. Lenses include a 24-70mm f2.8 and a 100mm macro. But I am primary a studio photographer so aside from cameras and lenses, most of my equipment made up from tripods, countless light stands, lighting modifiers, bits of shiny perspex and other fun materials.
Pay close attention to the way materials behave. Look at the way ink, water, smoke, fire, powder and other materials all move and change. If there is something beautiful there to capture maybe there is a potential creative idea that could come from it.

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