Dancing on the beach





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Behind The Lens

This image was taken on a very cold Sunday at Formby Beach between Liverpool and Southport.
Although it looks nice and sunny on the image, it was Freezing!! Kerry (the model) and I had waited around for over an hour for the sun to be in the right place. We hadn't noticed but the beach had emptied, everyone had gone home and we were the only ones left. Dance, I invited Kerry. And she did. This is one of the images from the set that we were both most proud of.
Sunset on a very cold windy beach, last attempt before we both froze.
Taken with Canon 5d Mk2 and 24-105mm Lens. No other equipment was involved.
Kerry and I had both wanted to do a beach shoot for some time, we discussed ideas for the weeks coming up to the shoot but only decided on a set of silhouettes on the way to the beach!
All this image had was the RAW image was processed to bring out the colours of the sunset.
In my camera bag
Normally I have my trusty Canon 5d Mk2, 24-105mm lens and 70-210mm lens. I find that gets me through most situations, although if I was going on a particular job, I have four other lenses at my disposal and would pack one or more to suit the job.
I find that a totally clear sky is very boring, try to get a cloud in it just to break it up a little (that shouldn't be too difficult in England). Expose for the sunset in the background and hopefully the model will naturally fall into silhouette. Good luck, I look forward to seeing your images on here!

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