concert: radiate

Radiate is a Christian band from Bergen, Norway.
This photo was taken in may 2015.

Radiate is a Christian band from Bergen, Norway.
This photo was taken in may 2015.
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artemiopascua December 09, 2015
cool composition and edit
Mooro December 14, 2015
Great live music shot. Love the depth of field.
lauramowrey December 18, 2015
wow, LOVE this, great capture!
mihrt January 02, 2016
excellent shot! concerts are not always easy!
MadeleineRosee January 16, 2016
I really like the way you change and use color in all of your photographs. It makes your work stand out and gives you a style :)
ferdhart PRO+
ferdhart February 15, 2016
Good shotof this musician! Might also mahe a strong B&W conversion . . .
MatteoRotta February 24, 2016
MatteoRotta February 24, 2016
barbaramillesrobinson PRO+
barbaramillesrobinson March 14, 2016
Excellent capture!

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Behind The Lens

I've been lucky to photograph for a local Christian non-profit organization here in Norway. i've photographed for them since 2012. it lasts 3 days every year. The first day is only a meeting(with a person that preaches and a couple of worship songs). the second day, there is a meeting, and a concert after with a Christian band or an artist. The third day they have an activity plan for the whole day, with a meeting before the activity and then a meeting at the end. Also another concert after that with a different band/artist. The meetings and concerts are inside a gymnasium. They also have a BBQ, and other things to eat/drink etc outside with a tent where people can sit and talk.
The concerts starts around 22:30 pm so i guess this was taken between 22:30 - 23:50. In May 2015.
This is stage light so i didn't really have control over it. They also used a smoke machine. In the original color version the light is dark blue in the background and neon pink/purple on the subject. Pink/purple/red light or subject for me was a pain to edit, still kind of is, which is one of the main reasons why i chose it to be b&w. I've edited it again with a color version a few months back, and made the color of the light look more naturally on the skin etc, but i still actually prefer this version.
I used Canon 550D with Sigma 105 mm f/2.8 to capture this photo.
I took it pretty spontaneously, though I had noticed that the subject often had his hand on the mic stand, and i thought it was something aesthetic about the way he did that. And right before i took this photo i was almost mesmerized that he tilted his head a little bit down and also look down ward. It was a little breath taking moment for me.
It's actually a really easy editing. Think i opened the photo in camera raw within photoshop first, but at the time i didn't really know how to use it, so i don't believe i did much there. When i opened it in ps i cropped it a little on the top and on the left side 'cuz i felt it had too much space and broke a little of the peaceful feel the rest of the image have especially since the light was visible behind his neck. Although it was a nice picture to start with too. Then I made it black and white, went to curves and only edited the red one, made a dot in the first square at the bottom left and dragged it a little above where the diagonal line is, then i made a dot in the second square that the diagonal line is in and dragged that one a little under it. After this i went to exposure and made it a bit brighter 'cuz it looked pretty underexposed. At the same time, i took the offset and gamma correction up too. Copied the exposure layer and took the exposure a bit down and the offset a bit down too, but i let the gamma be at the setting it was. Then the only thing i did next was to put the logo on.
In my camera bag
Canon 550D, Canon 750D, Sigma 105mm f/2.8, Canon 50mm f/1.8, Tamron 18-270mm f/3.5-6.3. I have a flash too but have only used it 2 or 3 times, but it's still in the bag. A wireless timer remote, don't remember the name right now. A lens pen from japan photo. extra battery + charger. 3 memory cards + the one i have in the camera. and usually my mac but that depends on where i'm going etc. Think that was about it. I do have other equipment too but they usually don't follow me in the bag unless i know i'm going to use them. Like a stand(90% of the time i don't use this), and the reflector etc.
Pay attention to those in between moments when the artists sings or plays. i mean, when they stop to catch their breath or they look like they're in the moment with what's happening on stage. Also study how they hold their instruments and things that they do often. And just enjoy it.

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