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Model photo shoot. Dress Joseph Ribkoff designer. Make up Nails by Complexion Medispa

Model photo shoot. Dress Joseph Ribkoff designer. Make up Nails by Complexion Medispa
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Behind The Lens

I took this photo in Cardiff Bay. We did a model photo shoot for the day. Ruby the model was being bullied at school so I wanted to do a model photo shoot for her with a professional make up artist and myself as professional photographer. Her mum came along and assisted us. I choose 3 outfits one was the dress above which is from Joseph Ribkoff collection./ I choose a make up artist that was creative to do 3 different make up looks for the day. We had a fantastic time. We got permision to do a photo shoot at Cardiff Bay and then Starbucks let us do make up whilst we were having coffee and cake. The photo shoot was all on location.
This photo was taken on 25th July 2015 at 12.38 just after Mid day.
The day was very sunny I found an area that had a little bit of shake by some buildings that had a contemporary look and Ruby my model was able to pose without the sun being direct in her face. It was also a very windy day so had to make sure eyes were not watering as some times this would happen and also Ruby's hair would be over the place. I used natural light and spot metering for this image.
Nikon D4's. Lens Nikon 24-70 mm Focal length 60mm for this image No Flash 400 ISO F6.3 Apeture Exposure time 1/640 Aperture priority setting spot metering no flash natural lighting used from daylight
For a few weeks before doing this model photo shoot I had sourced 3 outfits for the model had met up with a professional make up artist Catrin who now is based in Manchester. I wanted to create photos that could easily appear in a feature of a top fashion magazine as an editorial. I wanted the make up to be different and contemporary and Catrin was the make up artist to do this. I
I shoot in Raw and if you look at the testimonial from Catrin on my website she could not believe how I made sure when I did the shoot that the photos were good enough without much editing. The only editing was done was to change a few to black and white.
In my camera bag
I have 2 Nikon D4's camera, Nikon SB900 Flash Nikon 85 mm 1.8 Prime lens Nikon 24-70 Lens I also have fish eye lens, 105mm lens, 60 mm lens and various other lenses. I tend to just take 2 lenses along to a photo shoot. I took a reflector gold and white Lexar Professional memory cards I do have other lights like led lights and other things but do not carry these to every shoot.
I think the best advice I can give anyone is plan the photo shoot know what you want and go for it. I met with both the model and also make up artist weeks before. I created an idea in my head and discussed this. Sourcing outfits, make up artists was a must even though expensive for the day be prepared to pay £400 for 3 make up looks if the make up artist is good and on location with you for a few hours. However this price is well worth it as without the make up being done and the outfits I sourced I would not have got the look I choose a retro swimsuit which my amazing photographer friend Mimika Cooney posted from USA for me, I had a sports outfit as Ruby competes locally and a designer dress. Build excitement for the day we were super hyped on the day of the photo shoot meeting at Starbucks in Cardiff bay for coffee and to do the make up. Ruby changed in the Starbucks toilets as this is how it is when you go on location you are raw on shoot so change where you are nothing is glam. Be confident in how you guide your model this is essential and I guided Ruby directing her, showing her poses, making sure she was relaxed, made sure she showed emotion in her eyes and was energetic even after a few hours. I showed Ruby my model the images from my camera so Ruby was relaxed. Most of all it is a team effort and most importantly have fun. For the whole photo shoot we had fun. If you go to my website and click on testimonials under the more section you will find a testimonial from Catrin Carranza my make up artist for the day.

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