The Girl In The Woods

A client with an interest in the darker side of life contacted me looking to add a dark yet beautiful twist to her senior portraits. Together her and I walked t...
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A client with an interest in the darker side of life contacted me looking to add a dark yet beautiful twist to her senior portraits. Together her and I walked through Monte Santo state park about an hour before sundown, resulting in images that were fantastically wicked like this one.
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pietnel December 07, 2015
stunning shot

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Behind The Lens

I took this photo at Monto Santo State Park just outside of Huntsville, Alabama
I took this image about 30 minutes before sunset.
This photo was taken using complete natural sunlight.
I took this image with my Canon EOS 6D. I used my fixed 85 mm Canon lens.
My client, who is also my childhood best friend, contacted me about having me take her senior photos. My client Lauren has always had a wonderfully dark side to her personality. In high school she was the quiet goth kid who every boy wanted to date because while she was strange she was incredibly beautiful. She also loves nature. Taking all of this into consideration, her and I decided that a stylized session in the woods was the best way to go. I'd gone to Forever 21 a few days prior to her session to pick out some unique pieces and came upon the beautiful black lace piece she is wearing in this image. It of course fit her wonderfully, and it also makes her appear a bit seductive since you can see her legs.
I use photoshop actions to edit my photos. For this image I used a piece from Emily Soto's Fashion Action's collection.
In my camera bag
I use all Canon equipment. All of my lenses and of course my body is Canon. I have a Canon EOS 6D, and all of my lenses are fixed Canon lenses - 85 mm, 50 mm, and 35 mm.
My advice for those who are interested in capturing a similar shot to this is to not be afraid to take risks. I was in a battle against the sun during this shot, and I only had a few minutes remaining in the session before I would have to head back to my car before the park closed. However I refused to leave until I got at least one shot that made me extremely happy. The other shots from this session were beautiful, but this is by far my favorite from the gallery.

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