LamentsConfiguration October 04, 2016
This is such an amazing shot!! I'm in love with the color and the composition; you've done a really good job putting the image together!

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Nov, 2015

Falling Down The Hole

"Falling Down The Hole" -
"And you fall down a hole
That's the one place that we both know
You'd take me with you if you could but I wouldn't go
I guess at sometimes we both lose our minds..." (The Poison - All American Rejects)

It's time to focus again!!! I'm really sorry for not posting during the last month. It was a very stressful time, but I'm back again.
Hope you like this new picture, after my little break!
I'd be happy to read your opinions and feelings about it in the comments below.

photo: Cornelia Gillmann - Photography
assist: Markus Chrastecky
cosplay: lovely Yui Cosplay

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Won Staff Winter Selection 2015December, 2015


Peer Award

Outstanding Creativity
Peer Award
Top Choice
Absolute Masterpiece
Superb Composition
Magnificent Capture
Love it

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