A Bridge Ahead





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Behind The Lens

I took this photo on a bike path near my house that use to be an old Railroad track through our town. The Bridge in the distance crosses over the Fox River. It is a great place to take your camera on walks for shots in the distance and in Fall for the colors that come out.
It was late morning on a cloudy fall day that gave us a surprise snow storm covering on top of the fall colors still abundant on the trees.
The clouds of the day and the light snow covering that covered all the exposed limbs and leaves helped to create a tunnel effect with more light towards the bridge in the distance
I use my Sony Camera Alpha 6000
I always take my camera(s) on walks on this path by my house especially in the Fall or on Strange weather days... ie foggy, overcast, snow...
I do most of my post photo editing in iPhoto on my Mac computer which allows me excellent touchup and color control that is in a photo. I also have several other editing programs but rarely used them except for very special effects in altering a photos. It is amazing what can be caught with the digital cameras of today, Lots of Special effects features which can be applied some the time.
In my camera bag
3-4 cameras from a simple pocket point and shoot to several grades of up graded Sony Cameras that have a variety of interchangeable lenses and varying amounts of megapixels per photo. My Top Sony has 45+ megapixels..., one at 24.3 megapixels and the minimum camera pixels is 16 megapixels and even my cell phone has caught great shots as it has 16 megapixels in it as well. I have macro lenses and minor telephoto lenses and a wide-angle lens also which for me captures basically what I see with the one eye I have. I have minor little tripods I can use for macro shots on the ground, I also carry some dark/black cloth that can be used to cover a lousy background behind a flower.
Shoot lots of photo at different exposures and depths of fields to see what can be captured... it may take 10 - 100 photos to catch just the right one... that is the beauty of digital cameras. Play with your imagination and have your cameras always nearby !!!

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