Fallen Leaf -The Pain

“In every Seasonal change there lies a beauty, and every falling leaf there is some kind pain added to the scenery, which also adds to the beauty of nature. ...
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“In every Seasonal change there lies a beauty, and every falling leaf there is some kind pain added to the scenery, which also adds to the beauty of nature. And that's how new leaves grow and thats Life.”
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PhilCary01 PRO+
PhilCary01 November 25, 2015
I really like this photo due its creativity, but could make a suggestion in cropping a photo like this to put the leaf in the low left third of the frame following the rule of thirds.I really think it would make for a more powerful image, but that is my opinion. Please do not take offense and keep up the good work that you do.
RobbieRoss November 26, 2015
Thank you very much for your feedback Phil will certainly do that ... appreciate it!
Harpreetmeenu December 09, 2015
JUST BEAUTIFUL! I guess we can see beauty in anything If we want to. It is all about attitude and keen observation, .
RobbieRoss December 09, 2015
Yes you are absolutely your right !
mihrt January 02, 2016
beautifully captured - once again the Bokeh especially in the lower portions is extremely beautiful! All we have to do is look down once in awhile and we find all kinds of treasures!
RobbieRoss January 02, 2016
Thank you :)
billiefromthebeach PRO
billiefromthebeach January 24, 2016
The simplicity of a leaf laying in the rain than others would never see, but that we as a photographer immediately grasp its beauty, as you have so beautifully done here. The lighting here is excellent, and I always said, rules were to be broken, but then I don't win contest., ha ha, love your work.
RobbieRoss March 09, 2016
Thank you Billie :)
DRSmithFoto March 08, 2016
Wonderful, a jewel!

I especially like the tonal graduations and the rich and vibrant contrasts. I wish we could see this on a huge print - I imagine it would make a superb display print... Congrats for your eye and technique!
RobbieRoss March 09, 2016
Thank you very much :)
peterniven March 14, 2016
Wow!!! so simple, but yet so stunning!!!!
RobbieRoss March 14, 2016
Thank you Peter :)
cris_ November 23, 2016
well said!
RobbieRoss November 24, 2016
Thanks :)