Molting then fly south

This Juvenile Swan is on its last MOLT then The Swan will become in the first stage as an Adult .Queen Victoria gave 4 of them to Canada as a Gift, I love our Q...
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This Juvenile Swan is on its last MOLT then The Swan will become in the first stage as an Adult .Queen Victoria gave 4 of them to Canada as a Gift, I love our Queen Victoria, I am only 57, but we sang God save the Queen every morning , and I am Thankful I LEARNED respect it was not Taught You learned-it "some" teachers in the 60,s 70,s were to busy to care, and as a Child I had to learn Body Language due to family.s inability to communicate, I saw teachers ROLL eyes when singing this, or just pretending, especially "Oh Canada".The Biggest UNION in Canada is the Teachers Union, and they(SOME) still get all Summer-off and not all Teachers were NON caring, just Most of them, They are Human also.And Love many

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AmandaJayne November 15, 2015
A stunning capture, the colours are so deep from ours :)
Mother_Nature November 15, 2015
Thank you Amanda maybe I can help you
DorisSeybold November 16, 2015
that`s beautiful, Doug!!
Mother_Nature November 16, 2015
Thank you Very Much Doris Much Appreciated
Natgirl73 November 17, 2015
Wow, amazing photo.
Mother_Nature November 17, 2015
Thank you very much Camera :)
carolsimmons_5489 PRO
carolsimmons_5489 December 15, 2015
Nice are you doing Doug ? Are you still fighting " City Hall " as they say? Have you moved yet ? I am getting ready for Christmas how about you ? Is Santa bringing you something nice for Christmas ? Lol

By the way what lens do you use for your bird shots? They always look very sharp and clear? Do you have any snow yet ? I know I am full of questions I hope you don't mind? I am just a chatter bug that's all. That's why I have the award for chit chat ! Lol
trainwoman PRO+
trainwoman December 30, 2015
Lovely capture of this youngster
Mother_Nature December 30, 2015
Thank you Carol-Much appreciated-yes, I moved and gave up fighting city hall--Christmas was great thank you I sent you a message with lens
Mother_Nature December 30, 2015
Thank you Glenda much appreciated
mle555 January 09, 2016
Great shot, beautiful subject! I really appreciate the information you add to your photos. I have a picture of a mute swan taken in June, that looked dirty, now I can assume it was moulting also. Thank you for sharing your expertise!!!
Mother_Nature January 09, 2016
Thank you and you are welcome, I appreciate your critique, and happy info was helpful, I do carry on sometimes

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