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He's not just smiling because he has the championship in the bag he's smiling because he LOVES riding bikes. This is his final lap in the championship...
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He's not just smiling because he has the championship in the bag he's smiling because he LOVES riding bikes. This is his final lap in the championship race for the High School Mountain bike team, all smiles at mile 15 he has about a three minute lead and he's riding on his home course.
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FredBlundell December 05, 2016
Superb artistry and creativity!

Behind The Lens

This Photo was taken in St. George Utah on the NICA Championship High school race course.
Although I try not to take photos in mid day when covering a sporting event you are not left with a lot of options. This was taken in the bright hot heat of the day, with the sun almost directly above us.
Because the sun was so strong and casting harsh shadows I tried to position myself accordingly, There was also a very large white foam board set to the side of the track to help bounce light onto the racers.
This was shot with my Canon 5D Mark3 and my 70-200mm lens hand held.
I coach this high school team and it is my goal at each race to photograph each rider with the intent to make everyone look fast, or capture a memorable moment like this one.
I did a little work in Lightroom I dropped the Highlights boosted the color a little.
In my camera bag
When I pack my bag for the races I keep it light because I'm running from point to point trying to cover start finish line and in-between. Usually I pack my canon 5D Mark 3 my 70-200 mm lens and a 24mm lens they are both fast which is very important.
I take a lot of time and thought into finding the right location on the course I will ride the race course a few times the day before and figure out where the sun will be at different times of the day and plan accordingly. I try to find an action spot usually a corner or drop off to capture bike handling skills. I set my camera on High speed continuous shutter select a focus point where I should be able to frame the racer and have the eyes in focus, as the racer approaches the area I put them in my frame start shooting and pan.

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