CassaraHealey November 12, 2015
Beautiful colours!
nina050 November 12, 2015
Stunning capture!!
ryanbuchanan November 13, 2015
Thank you!
Jfitz November 17, 2015
We're all those your photos and you alone I think photography highlight?? Anyway I was blown away by those gorgeous Masterpieces! If it were several different people writing about their love for it?? I am very very new and not sure if we've interacted at all ? Wanted to say your photos are Incredibly Gorgeous and if you wrote all I read then you have a talent for writing also. Actually I know I probably sound new. Lol! Amazing and I hope to improve soon. Every one here are pros and can see it in yall's photos. Love the red and it's my favorite color. I know you're busy but I'd like to know how you get the colors so vibrant? Yes I'm very much an amateur but I love photography. I think I wrote too much. You can delete it . Sorry but I got excited! I will feel really bad if we have interacted before. I just want to understand how you bring yous to life.
ryanbuchanan November 17, 2015
Well thanks for reading that blog article they posted. Was fun to be interviewed. Yes, they were all of my photos and responses. I will be releasing a video soon that teaches my processing style and takes you from start to finish with one of my images. Stay tuned. Thanks again!
sanaelgamal November 21, 2015
love the colours!
ruthmcneill November 28, 2015
beautiful photo!!!!!!!!!
Toddg January 18, 2016
Stunning capture. Spectacular POV and DOF. Love the soft light. Perfect for a Montana travel shot for sure!!!
adamaw March 07, 2016
Would've liked to see it slightly warmer, but a great photo nonetheless!
Philjmainey May 01, 2016
Love the texture.
gek1701 June 07, 2016
Outstanding photography!!

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Nov, 2015


+Better view on black+ Driving from Yellowstone to Glacier National Park somewhere in Montana I came across this abandoned farm with rolling fields in front. The clouds looked like there was potential for nice sunset and good thing I stuck around and waited. The sunset was one of the best I've seen in a while. Incredible array of intense colors.

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