Yosemite Valley

One of the most stunning views I have ever witnessed

One of the most stunning views I have ever witnessed
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Behind The Lens

This was taken in Yosemite National Park in America
This was taken around 4 p.m. so the sun was not as harsh as it has been but still fairly bright
Due to the sun being slightly lower it created a lot of shadows so I exposed for the lighter areas i.e. the sky in order to get those great fluffy clouds. Then a little magic was needed in Lightroom to bring back the detail in the foreground. I could have taken a couple of exposures but as I didn't have my tripod with me I decided to sort the exposure in post processing.
Just my trusted Canon 5D MKII
The whole of Yosemite is an inspiration to me. I love the work of Ansel Adams and so when I visited Yosemite last year I just could not stop taking photos !. This particular vista excited me as it has everything I love - water, reflections, blue sky. And the mountains with the gap in the middle together with the meandering river, just seemed to make the most perfect 'lead in' lines
Yes, as previously mentioned, the foreground was very underexposed so a little adjustment brush work in Lightroom followed by some sharpening and clarity in OnOne Perfect Effect brought it all together
In my camera bag
I have my trusted Canon 5D MKII and then probably my most used lens is my 24-70 L Series. I then also pack my 70-200 L series and a 50 mm prime. I am now also getting to grips with Lee filters, in particular the Big Stopper, and a graduated filter.
You can't always be in the right place at the right time. I'm sure this photo would have looked completely different if the sun had been in a different place and not so harsh. But as its not always convenient to be in the right spot, just work with what you've got and try slightly different angles. I had originally gone to this location hoping to photograph the amazing waterfall that I had seen in so many images but due to the time of year (October) the water just wasn't flowing. I then took some time to look around me and spotted this image in the making instead.

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