Somewhere Over The Rainbow"

This photo taken as I sat on a hammock after a severe down pour of rain..I saw the Rainbow and literally fell out of the hammock to shoot the photo and unable t...
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This photo taken as I sat on a hammock after a severe down pour of rain..I saw the Rainbow and literally fell out of the hammock to shoot the photo and unable to get out of the hammock ..
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beetlestone June 04, 2010
Nice shot!
MyrianEdithPoggi April 26, 2013
Beautiful capture...
Congratulations Lilly!!!
bilalar April 26, 2013
this shot is really awesome congrats for th win :)
WolfEyesPhotography PRO+
WolfEyesPhotography April 26, 2013
Very cool! Congrats!
GordonD April 28, 2013
That is awesome!
DonTX May 13, 2013
OMG this is fantastic! Well deserved award!
snapfoto50 September 20, 2013
Thank You everyone.Much appreciated
birdlover54 March 21, 2014
Congrats! Nice capture!
texaaronpueschel PRO+
texaaronpueschel April 09, 2014
Great photographers are ready for the moment. You did well here.

Behind The Lens

I took this photo in Valley Stream Long Island while at a cookout. There was this empty bench getting wet in mid afternoon it began to rain , Just as fast as it started raining it stopped and the sun came out , when suddenly I look up and see this gorgeous "Rainbow" and I couldn't resist in shooting a picture of it. I took two different photos and this is just one of the two., I am aware the other photo is posted on my viewbug account.
This photo was taken in late afternoon after a down pour of the summer.
I just took the photo as soon as the rain stopped and I suddenly saw the rainbows in two different directions.. The backyard I was in has many trees and I was as quick to shoot
Back in the day that I shot this photo I used an Olympus E40 ,I didn't use a flash ,I used a tripod for a steady hand and quick photo
I had never seen a rainbow anywhere in all the years I've been taking pictures.. I was so mesmerized that I jumped out of my chair and shot the quickest photo that I could.
No, I don't ..
In my camera bag
Since this photo was taken I now have a Cannon Rebel EOS DSL T5 , I have my standard 55mm lens, I also have a 75-300 zoom lens, The camera has a built in flash , I have a tripod and I also choose to work with Glass Photo Balls to get a beautiful effect of flowers, sunset, beach
Be quick , Inhale the beauty of the scenic view however be quick and don't let such a beautiful subject get away before shooting your photo

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