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deborahlynnshoniker February 07, 2017
Timing awesome colour, lovely shot!
geoffcaddy February 08, 2017
thanx deborah, he was quite proud of himself
Eddieuuu071 May 05, 2017
Nice catch!


adult male loon doing his display trying to establish supremacy
adult male loon doing his display trying to establish supremacy
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Behind The Lens

I got this one at a favourite lake that I stay at as often as I can for as long as I can. It is a about two hours drive from my home and not used by many others because of the fact that it is a first come first served and no services provided as well as no motorized boats or A.T.V.s.The peace and quiet is well worth the trip on some not so good roads. About the only thing that breaks the silence is the different calls of the single pair of resident loons,which I enjoy ever so much. The pair get used to my early morning presence and get braver and braver in their approach to me and my canoe, they have even used the shadow of it to harvest the trout that seem to gather in it thus sometimes surfacing within a paddles length of me.
I got this shot about mid morning.I had returned to camp to start breakfast when I noticed the landing of a loon who was not one of the resident pair,then another and another. Before I got back in the water there were 13 loons landed and heading to one end of the lake . I didn't know where they all came from or why but soon saw them congregating in groups of three or four and swimming around in circles. I was bewildered as to what was going on until a few of them started doing their displays and or attacking another member of that circle. I increased the shutter speed on my camera and kept focused on one of the circles. In this one the one shown did his display then began chasing another,they didn't take to the air but just ran on the surface until the one being chased somehow gave up and "threw in the towel".
This was not my usual time of day for taking pictures,I mostly prefer early morning or late evening. Because I was more used to low light I increased the shutter speed to allow for the bright sunlight and rapid movement.
My all time favorite camera and lense combo was appreciated even more(Nikon D40,Sigma 50-500 zoom) as usual without my tripod, bobbing around in my canoe.
My inspiration was simply my interest and admiration and appreciation for all wildlife. I have also learned that the harder you try and capture something particular the harder it is to achieve. Where as if you simply take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves you'll be much happier.
The only post-processing I do is sometimes cropping and shading or brightening a little to suit myself.
In my camera bag
I like to carry two cameras, one for close-ups and one for all else(nikon D40,D90,Sigma50-500,and Nikon18-55) as well as battery chargers downloading cords and lense cleaners.
Be patient and stop and smell the roses as you come to them because they aren't going to come to you. I am still trying to be at the right place at the right time to capture the beautiful landings of a loon on a tranquil water surface.But each time they do so it has been too dark or I'm not at quite the right angle or been distracted by something else.

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