sweetpea72 November 14, 2015
Perfect!! :)
njkerosky December 10, 2015
judithstopforth December 13, 2015
great shot
inesgardea December 20, 2015
jreid13 January 01, 2016
Congratulations Daniel this is a beautiful image. Thank you for participating in my Transportation Photo Challenge.
LeanneMWilliams January 01, 2016
Congratulations Daneil, it's an amazing image :)
mafe February 13, 2016
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
BrianaK February 18, 2016
Stunning shot. I love the simplicity of the shot, but yet it has so much emotion behind it. The steam adds a very nice element to this photograph. Nice work!
JDLifeshots February 19, 2016
Beautiful capture! Congrats.
Forfarlass February 20, 2016
A great capture.congratulations.
harrysulistio March 02, 2016
Love the athmosphere.. Great job!
cmorisset March 07, 2016
Beautiful and so peaceful!
JDLifeshots August 04, 2016
Congrats again!
DanielParent August 04, 2016
Thank you ever so much...again...
Steve_PFB March 05, 2017
Stunning shot
DanielParent March 06, 2017
Thank you very much Steve
Film_n_digi October 08, 2017
Damn... What a beautiful shot!
kjfishman Feb 02
Captured two of my favorite things to do perfectly.
runner1 Feb 03
Very nice.
RGHunt Feb 06
rossposkitt Feb 08
Love this shot.
thrimage Feb 15
you know, when i saw this in voting for the kayak comp, i thought this might be the winner.. Shame.. I think this is an awesome shot..

Love the shadows and mist of it.. Also wish i was that trusting to take my lens out on the water... paranoid enough when its in a water bag or peli case :)
Great !!!!!!!!!!!
LanaLita Feb 17

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Nov, 2015

Getting the shot...

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Won Runner Up in Anything Kayak Photo ContestFebruary, 2019
Won Top Shot AwardFebruary, 2019
Won Contest Finalist in Anything Kayak Photo ContestFebruary, 2019
Won People's Choice in people taking pictures! Photo ChallengeAugust, 2016
Winner in Shooting the Shooter Photo ChallengeMay, 2016
Won Contest Finalist in Funportation Photo ContestJanuary, 2016
Won People's Choice in Transportation Photo ChallengeJanuary, 2016

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Behind The Lens

This image was taken from a kayak on Wilson Lake in Quebec
I had gotten on the lake by 5:00 am and this was taken shortly after getting on the water. We were out to shoot loons but the fog was so thick before sunrise and could still be seen rolling down the hills until about noon.
This was taken just as the sun was coming up providing for strong backlighting of the other photographer in a kayak as well as the fog
This was taken hand held with a Nikon D3s camera and a Nikon 200-400 mm lens.
While looking for loons in the early morning fog, I soon realized finding any loons would be difficult with the thick fog limiting visibility. The only subject of note was my friend and fellow photographer in his kayak; particularly when the sun came up providing the backlighting.
I shoot in RAW and do basis processing which typically includes, noise reduction, sharpening, exposure, colour balance (converted to black and white in this case). I also crop to taste.
In my camera bag
I like options and carry lots of gear on any given day. I generally have a full frame camera and a crop sensor camera as well as lenses providing focal length options ranging from 14 mm to 600 mm as well as teleconverters (1.4; 1.7; 2.00). All cameras and lenses are Nikon. I generally use a 3 or 5 series Gitzo tripod with Jobu or Wimberley Gimbal head.
This type of shot requires heavy fog which means shooting in early morning light. Having an interesting subject to silhouette also helps.

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