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redwriter December 10, 2015
Awesome capture. - Jake
onyanita December 11, 2015
fantastic capture!
AshelenFaeCrawfordRimoldi December 12, 2015
Would you be interested in selling a print of this?
Verthosand December 12, 2015
Wonderful capture!! Bravo!
VHiggins December 21, 2015
wonderful! what a beauty!
Selmani January 12, 2016
Klepamar60 April 14, 2016
Tiff June 05, 2016
Beautiful, Congrats On Your Awards!
RDPhotography June 05, 2016
Amazing! Well done
Klepamar60 June 05, 2016
WAU super amazing shot, M
JDLifeshots June 05, 2016
Awesome capture! Congrats.
tracycummings June 05, 2016
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
tracycummings June 05, 2016
wow lovely thanks for sharing with us beautiful deer
Motherhen2k June 05, 2016
Superb! Congratulations on your winning entry! Well deserved!
CWphotos5 June 05, 2016
Incredible capture...Congratulations!
YvonneJeaK June 07, 2016
Wonderful. Congratulations
karenpanagos June 08, 2016
Great shot! Love it!
Anto-Giulia August 24, 2016
very nice!!
travelnut September 10, 2016
Nature s beauty! Great shot that captures this.
wendyzan September 10, 2016
Amazing shot! Thank you for sharing your beautiful work!
lizsmith_4243 September 10, 2016
I think this is an amazing picture, absolutely love it.
Carlotta September 10, 2016
absolutely an OUTSTANDING image
muddyvalley September 10, 2016
Nice shot, but this is a mount placed in the ferns, correct? Not a live animal?
KIRWAN September 17, 2016
Thank you for your comment 'muddyvalley'! It takes months and months for me to produce life-like 'mounts' and place them in wild places to photograph. It is a nightmare doing birds in flight but years of practice have finally paid off! Obviously all my flower photos consist of plastic man-made materials. Trying to find the time to take photos is obviously very limited due to spending so much time making 'models'!!! Of course it's a bloody live animal!!!
jamesdvorak September 10, 2016
How do I get a print of this for the cabin?
sepia September 10, 2016
Spectacular capture!
Porsche September 13, 2016
jamesdvorak January 14, 2017
Still can't purchase a print of this beautiful image of the Red Stag. jdvorakd at ymail dot com
Poorspirit May 07, 2017
Very hunter like image that's very awesome
Rafaphoto Jan 23

Young Red Deer Stag





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