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susanneradke November 25, 2015
Looks even better then the original...!
dacre February 05, 2016
great capture!!
Hippiechic April 28, 2016
Awesome shot ,, love Kiss :)
texaaronpueschel July 02, 2016
Outstanding. Here is some trivia for you. KISS was banned from performing in Tupelo, Mississippi, the birthplace of Elvis Presley. Go figure.
photodream71 August 26, 2016
I agree with Cre8ive....cannot stand Kiss. However,this is an EXCELLENT shot!!
SorGe_Photography September 07, 2016
KISS... sweet memories !
mrossi_photo September 28, 2016
Excellent shot, captured every detail with clarity!
PhilC November 11, 2016
Interesting to see a tribute band - amazingly good copy presentation of Kiss bassist Gene Simmons! Saw the real Kiss for the first time last night in Munich at a concert for charity and I had put a couple of images up on Viewbug before seeing this one of yours. Congrats on a really excellent shot!
gunners42 January 14, 2017
Right on..... well done!
Duane_Watts January 23, 2017
Great shot indeed...! I am a huge KISS fan, saw the original band in '96 on the reunion tour, and as soon as I saw this shot, without reading the comments, I knew immediatly that it is not Gene Simmons, very true likeness, but not him! However most people did not see the picture titile "Sin City Kiss" or read the comments left by the photographer "Reallycrazykiwi"! Kiwi, I did read everything before I commented! Great shot!
jamiesarkett January 31, 2017
Fantastic - Congrats KIWI :)
suebutler February 01, 2017
great shot well done

Sin City KISS ....

Vegas tribute band playing at a fund raiser ...
Vegas tribute band playing at a fund raiser ...
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