Poppy Painted by the Light





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Flosno November 20, 2015
Wonderful presentation
AnnuO November 21, 2015
Thank you so much for this comment, Louise :)
lizziemellis PRO+
lizziemellis December 01, 2015
Stunning, love the colours:-)
AnnuO December 02, 2015
Thank you. For me as well the richness of green and red works well.
JDLifeshots February 23, 2016
Beautiful! Congrats.
AnnuO February 23, 2016
Many thanks! I am a happy camper :))
joycealicesmith February 23, 2016
Great shot! Love poppy's! Congratulations on winning the Challenge!
AnnuO February 23, 2016
Thank you!
Arzhtatiana PRO
Arzhtatiana April 26, 2016
Nice work! Congratulations!
AnnuO April 27, 2016
Many thanks!

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken on a little field towards the beautiful island of Mont St. Michel in France. There was this single poppy and a bud hovering in light wind in the middle of green grass. Couldn't resist this opportunity.
This was a last day of a long weekend in Brittany, France. We had spent a wonderful time in St. Malo, eating well, taking photos and walking on the beach. We were already on our way home before midday but decided to stop to see the miracle island of Mont St. Michel. Parking lot was quite far away and we were walking towards the island. And there was this one poppy in full bloom! It was 17 May 2015 at 10.30 am.
The morning was cloudy, more like haze-like clouds were hanging aroung, and and the natural light was quite low.
I used my new Nikon D3200, no flash, lens 55-200 (f5/6 - 1/4000 - ISO on automode, 1800 - 185 focal length),
We had just encountered a small group of Chinese tourists that had gone a bit crazy seeing my dog, wanting to take photos of the dog and themselves. There was a feeling of spring in the air. I have always loved poppies, red poppies especially. I had also my good friend with me, and both she and my dog were really patient when I tried to take a best possible photo of this single poppy, trying different angles and testing my camera.
Normally I prefer natural colours and more natural tones but this photos inspired me to experiment with post-processing a bit more than usually. I enhanced - to my mind - heavily the vibration of the colours and added more green as well as highlighting the red. I wanted to have a very strong contrast to me the poppy really unique and bursting out of the greenery.
In my camera bag
I have a small camera bag but it has all I need in it. When going hunting good photos I now take my Nikon D3200 with its two VR II lenses, 18-55 and 55-200. Also I carry always my little pocket Nikon Coolpix S3500 which is quite handy for e.g. macros. More and more often I also take along my tripod and remote control.
I pay attention to details, small things and light, the angle of light and how colours behave during the day. Cloudy day can give often better results than bright sun light. I love the nature, all of it, and spend a lot of time discovering, also without camera, what makes it so versatile and splendid. I find beauty in humble things since for me simple layout can be the most wonderful thing. Colours and tones have been always important to me and most often I love the harmony of muted tones added with something unexpected like in this photo. The original background was muted green in the low light of cloudy day and out of love for nature I turned it into flaming. Eye just needs to be open for everything that might lie ahead.

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