Baby's First Fall





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sarahmirkin Premium
sarahmirkin November 17, 2015
So gorgeous! I love the contrast between the beautiful fall background and the pup that blends in except for his gorgeous blue eyes. Congrats on being a contest finalist!
JDLifeshots December 02, 2015
Adorable! Congrats.
Angels74 December 14, 2015
Very sweet. Nice shot!
emaleese December 29, 2015
Great composet
Mann-Niyati September 07, 2016
It is Stunning shot.
Witmar September 25, 2016
amazing picture
LIGHTS_AND_COLOURS October 25, 2016
jlappen PRO
jlappen November 29, 2016
Just tooooooooooooooo cute!!! It truly is a masterpiee.
scottdavidnicoll December 24, 2016
theresavar December 25, 2016
Absolutely beautiful, congrats
harflu PRO
harflu March 20, 2018
Incredible lighting and colors! Love the editing of the trees :)
cliffordalexander April 04, 2018
“master” of your game
Ruslan_Lavrentyev November 02, 2018
Huh! Fantastic!
Ruslan_Lavrentyev November 02, 2018
Huh! Fantastic!

Behind The Lens

This photo was actually taken just outside my backdoor in the grass! It was our first week home with out brand new puppy, Bae, and we had just taken him outside to play with his cute little tennis ball.
It was the middle of the day, a little cloudy, so not too bright.
The lighting in camera was pretty flat, because Bae was sitting in the shadow of our house. But because it was nice and shaded, he wasn't over exposed and this allowed me to manipulate the lighting later.
This photo was taken with a Nikon D200 and an 85mm 1.8 lens. I was just taking photos of my kids playing with the new puppy, so nothing too fancy.
When I saw Bae lay down in the grass, all tuckered out from chasing the ball, I got down low to get a picture of him sitting still as quickly as I could! Australian Shepherds are very energetic dogs, so capturing them sitting still is very hard to do!
This is a photo manipulation. The original photo was just Bae sitting in the grass. The trees in the background were added, as well as the falling leaves and sun burst, all to give this photo a beautiful magical feel.
In my camera bag
I always carry my staples with me: my D810 camera body, my 35 and 85mm lenses, my remote triggers and my tripod. Sometimes I have my reflector as well, but I like to travel light. Though this photo was taken while I was still using my D200, which is a fantastic little camera with a lot of great capabilities for the photographer who knows what they are doing!
Puppies are always so full of energy! But they tucker out after a good play session, so if you are looking to get a picture of a puppy, make sure they are tired! Have a little bit of fun first, and then let them relax. That way your picture comes out nice and crisp. If you like manipulating photos, have a vision in mind while you are working in camera. I knew I wanted to create a magical fall scene, so I had the leaves and background picked out, and was proficient in photo editing software. It takes time and patience to plan out a specific shot, and it's okay if a lot of the work happens after you click the shutter. Photography is an art form, from what we do in camera, to what we do afterwards. And it can all be incredibly beautiful.

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